June 12, 2018

Posted by Kathy Ludwig on 6/12/2018 4:30:00 PM

Dear West Linn-Wilsonville Community,

Thank you, students
As we move into the final days of school, I wish to thank our students for their commitment to learning this year. Your strong attendance, full effort to learn as much as possible, and kindness towards one another contributed to a strong culture of excellence across our school community. Our district website, Facebook, and Twitter pages have captured inspiring stories all year of students learning at high levels and demonstrating creative and inspiring acts of selflessness and compassion. If you haven't perused the site already, please take some time this summer to review highlights of the school year.

Thank you, parents
Thank you parents and district volunteers for your generosity of time and talent this year. Each of our schools brimmed with adults on a daily basis helping students be successful with their learning. Even on weekends, after school and into the evenings, our parents stepped up to volunteer and sponsor activities that supported our athletics, arts, academics, and extracurricular programs. We are the exceptional school district we are because our parent and community partners.

Congratulations to our Seniors, Class of 2018
To our Seniors, congratulations upon completing your K-12 school requirements with great results and remarkable resolve. All three high schools' formal graduation ceremonies were spectacularly attended by family and friends: standing room only at each event! This level of support is a sign of deep community involvement and deep pride in our students. And deservedly so!

Savor the stories
Parents, before the memories fade too much, remember back to those times this year when you saw your child in a new light, when you were surprised about something they knew that wasn't there before. Be proud of the times when your child took a risk, showed courage or had compassion for someone at school.

Teachers, smile back at the moments that brought you joy this year. Remember your patience when your students struggled but learned to persevere and grow their independence. Marvel at how much they each grew in character and intellectual capacity.

Students, think often of your teachers, mentors, and friends who inspired or motivated you to learn more this year than you thought possible. Remember that you likely were an inspiration to someone else. Sad stories and happy stories from this year are both important; we want to learn from each, and they remind us about how important we are to one another.

Thank you for a year of great stories; I am honored and delighted to have been a part of them. Have a safe and happy summer and we'll see you in the fall.

With gratitude,

Kathy Ludwig