2020 Workshops

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    A Breakdown of the Breakdown Breaking Down the Breakdown: Participate in a Mock Video Stand Up Session!
    “Jesus 101” So, who was that Jesus guy anyways? Why do some people claim to be Christian, but their actions and words don’t align? Isn’t church super formal and boring? Whether you have been a Christian for your whole life or you hate the church, this class is a great place to be. We will learn about who Jesus is, what He did, and why this is important - as well as discussing questions YOU have about Christianity!
    A Bowl a Day Keeps the Body in Play: Nutritional Health & Smoothie Bowl Making A Bowl a Day Keeps the Body in Play
    World of Weeb: Anime Culture NANI!? A workshop about anime!? Sounds too good to be true right? Wrong! This is really it! Come with us to adventure into the world of anime and talk about why it's gained popularity as fast as it is!
    Are You Taking Care of Yourself? A workshop and discussion about self-care and the importance of not only taking care of yourself physically but mentally as well because that is just as important. 
    Badminten Tournament Come play in a doubles badminten tournament and get active! Sign up with a friend!
    Burn MVMT: a quick workout and conversation around joy, belonging, self-identity, and surviving high school.  A quick workout and conversation around joy, belonging, self-identity, and surviving high school. Brought to you by staff instructors of BurnCycle.
    Burning Questions: A College Q&A A conversation with current college students that'll provide you with tips and tricks for navigating your way!
    Can't Get You Out of My Headline: How to Write and Interview like a Journalist Intro to feature-writing: Learn how to do interviews and tell the story at the heart of the person at the heart of the story.
    Ceramics: The Art of Unity Come hang out and learn how to do ceramics! Express your creativity with a personalized piece of ceramic art. No prior experience necessary!!  
    Chinese Calligraphy or Write with a Brush or The Art of Chinese Writing In this workshop, you’ll be writing Chinese characters on the special calligraphy paper using a brush and ink. 
    Consent and What it Means: A Brave Space Discussion A conversation about student rights and responsibilities regarding consent.
    Cooking with Confidence Make delicious waffles the best way and enjoy toppings that express you. 
    Criminal Profiling: Serial Killers Interested in learning about serial killers? Come to this workshop to participate in a mock FBI behavioral analysis introductory class with profiling practice!
    Dear Diary: Problem Solving and Advice Forum Group forum setting, students write anonymous "diary entries" with situations they would like advice/group problem solving on. Safe space for discussions of big issues.
    Discussion: Race and school Please join us for a discussion around race in a predominantly white school
    Don't Get Baked: No-Bake Cookies We are in need of taste testers! Come join us and learn how to make 3 types of no bake cookies.
    Express Yourself! An art workshop An Art workshop, just a creative outlet for people to bond over what their passionate about.
    Food For Thought: Connecting Culture and Food Try Mexican and Chamorro food and learn about the history behind these cultural foods! Disclaimer: if you have a serious gluten, nut, or dairy allergy, please be careful around the food.
    Four Square Trivia Come and play four square while learning trivia facts
    Foursquare Fun! Four square is fun. Come play it.
    Fresh Start Art: Create a Mural by Repurposing Everyday Objects/Materials!  Join us to create a mural using everyday materials, like jewelry, CD's, bottle caps, cans, and clothes! Meet new people while creating something beautiful.
    Good Vibe Bracelets: In Need of a Vibe Check? Come Make Bracelets with Us! Are you in need of a vibe check? If so come to our workshop! We will be making beaded bracelets that serve as a reminder to stay positive, as well as going into detail about what it means to be positive. 
    Hanging on by a Thread? De-stress while making bracelets  Come de-stress while hanging out and making bracelets. 
    Hawai'i: A Vision Beyond Paradise - Hawaiian Culture Workshop Immerse yourself in the beauty of Hawaiʻi by truly understanding the meaning of Aloha.
    Heart of the Cards Learn about others by playing with new people!
    Henna, Lumpia, Chai: SuperHappyFunTime! Appreciation of Indian and Filipino Cultures  Appreciate multiple cultures by enjoying Filipino and Indian food/drinks and getting henna designs done. Also, engage in a discussion of cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation.  
    Indian Culture 101  Come eat Indian food and learn about the culture through its beautiful clothing and traditions!
    InQueery: How Can I Find Media that Represents Me?  Tools to help find and engage with LGBTQ+ media.
    Intro to Dance: Come Learn a Basic Dance and Have Fun with Friends!  Want to learn a new skill and have fun while exercising? Come learn a fun dance and hangout with friends!
    Join us in a Giant Game of Werewolf! Come join us for a big ol' game of Werewolf and/or Mafia! 
    JSA Debate: A Chance to Respectfully Debate Big Topics There will be two different sessions with specific debate topics: abolishing the death penalty, and Medicare for All.
    Latinx Games and Culture  Join us to learn about Latinx culture!
    Let's Talk About It! LGBTQ+ Community Discussion Forum  Let's talk about LGBTQ+ community in West Linn High School. Let's come together and have a discussion if you want to share your own experience or hear someone else's or just stand together as a community, please come on in. Everyone is welcome.
    Meditative Art: Sip Tea and Draw in a Relaxed, Safe Space  This is a workshop where people can come in to de-stress, with tea and markers for people to draw/color and talk or vent about any problems or just life in general in a safe and zen place.
    Muses to Makers: Women’s role in art and their impact as artists  A discussion of the progression of women from artistic object to subject
    Origami: Beyond the Paper Snowball  In my workshop I’ll be teaching you everything you need to know to get started on your origami journey. We’ll go over two simple models featuring a variety of techniques that will help guide you in future paper folding.
    Petanque: French National Sport  Come learn how to play the classic French game of Petanque! Similar to shuffle board. Petanque is played by people of all ages in France. In our workshop, we'll teach you how to play and hold a tournament with several possible prizes. French food provided!
    Introduction to Robotics Always wanted to learn more about robots? Join us for a discussion and demonstration!
    Spikeball Want to learn about one of the coolest, most fun games there is? Learn about spikeball and play with your friends at this workshop and have a great time!
    Stage Combat 101 Want to learn how your favorite actors fight on camera or on stage and leave the set unharmed? Come to this class and learn stage combat!
    The (Book) Worm Hole Do you like reading? Well so do we! It's why we made this class. So come chill, talk about some cool books with us...please.
    Photo Editing 101 Learn how to professionally edit photos, create a personal aesthetic, and develop editing skills from two experienced photographers at WLHS.
    The Beach Boys: America's best band or music's tragedy?
    We all know the hits, California Girls, Surfin USA, Don't Worry Baby; but not everyone knows the people behind them. Learn about one of the most interesting and important bands of the past century: The Beach Boys.
    The Dangers of Fast Fashion Love Fashion? Want to save the Earth? Come to our workshop and dive deeper into the problems of the fashion industry and discuss the importance of sustainability!
    From Dre to Drake: A History of Hip Hop
    How big of an impact on society did hip hop truly have?
    Ukelele 101 Interested in ukelele? Want to learn more? Come to this workshop! 
    Ultimate Frisbee Want to be an ultimate (frisbee) warrior? Show up and try to show us up! 
    Uno of a Kind Uno. Join.
    West Linn Lego Village You ever wonder what West Linn would look like as a lego town? Well you're in luck. Come to a our workshop to have fun and build a crazy town.