West Linn United

Unity Day 2019

  • What is Unity Day?
    Unity Day is a student-created and student-led celebration of the things that make us unique, but also of the common bonds and interests that make us a stronger community. Please watch this short video for a fuller understanding of what Unity Day is all about.

2019 Workshops




    Robotics: More Than Just a Robot

    Learn how to operate and control two difffernt types of robots, and be able to ëxist"in a new reality.

    Behind the Thoughts of a Genius

    Delving into the background and lyrics of the music industries most enterprising figure. We will dissect lyrics of some of their most popular songs and find out what makes them so tremendous.

    Christianity: What’s the Big Deal?

    Breaking down the misconception barriers of the

    religion and giving cool and interactive historical

    context to it as well.

    Power of Positive Words: Learn Calligraphy

    Interested in being inspired? Interested in meeting

    new people? Interested in trying something new?

    This is the workshop for YOU!

    Ceramics: Self-Expression Through Art

    In this workshop, we will be creating abstract

    self-portait tiles out of clay in a creative and relaxed

    environment. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to

    those who have already taken ceramics classes at

    West Linn!

    Spotting Signs

    We are often forced to repair the damage that violence

    has caused, but can it be prevented? In this workshop

    we will discover how student violence can be prevented

    proactively in an effort to make our school a better place.

    Hacky Sack

    Learn the basics, kick around, have fun.

    Burn MVMT: An empowering and positive workout!

    Like to move? Like to get inspired? Join us for a game

    changing workout with a West Linn Alum!

    Islam and Islamaphobia

    Better understand the religion and break down the hate.

    Art On Walls

    Graffiti is much more than vandalism. It's about history,

    freedom of expression, and art. Have you ever looked at

    Graffiti and wondered where it originated from? The style,

    the motivation behind it, the impact it has on culture?

    Come to this workshop to learn a little bit more about the

    positive side of Graffiti as well as try to make your own

    mark, where we will have provided art tools to help you

    create a personal spin on street art.


    Be calm and ohm on.

    The Star Wars Story

    Here you will learn the basics of the Star Wars universe

    and the ingenious story behind the franchise. You'll be

    taken back a long long time ago to a galaxy far far away...

    More to Music: Analyzing the Stories Hidden In Albums & Songs

    Breaking down the elaborate story concealed in Kanye

    West’s masterpiece My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


    come learn the game of spikeball or hone your skills.

    Champions may be crowned...

    Treat Yourself!

    As a high schooler, treating yourself is a way to give

    yourself the break that you deserve. In this workshop you

    will be able to make your own personalized self care plan

    using markers and your amazing ideas.

    Learning to Destress Through Eliminating Distraction

    An interactive experience through various workshops that will help others learn to destress without the use of technology. In community we will practice ways to embrace surroundings rather than isolating in stress.

    Nutrition 101:Be Groovy, Come Make a Smoothie

    Come learn how to properly fuel your body and apply your new knowledge of nutrition basics by making (and eating) a healthy smoothie!!

    The Bracelet Project - Mental Health

    The Bracelet Project is a national project working to destigmatize mental illness. Come learn about the project and make a bracelet for yourself or someone you love.

    Mental Health Forum: You are Not Alone

    Come talk about mental health in a non judgmental and safe environment. After learning the basics, you will have a chance to share your experiences and listen to other people in a destigmatizing conversation about anxiety and depression.

    Knowledge is Power: Living Above the Influence

    Join representatives from Teen Advisory Board in creating a safe space to eliminate stereotypes and talk honestly about substance use and abuse.  Help us inspire others to change society's idea that drugs and alcohol are the only way to have fun and be cool.

    Body Positivity and Eating Disorders

    The relationship between food and the body can be a tough one. Come learn healthy vs unhealthy attitudes towards your body and food. We will discuss eating disorders and how they affect young people. Participate in a cooking activity where you get to make your own “yumm bowl”!

    Be the Difference!

    An introduction to a program dedicated to spreading

    kindness and awareness about bullying, and mental

    health. Come join us and help us spread word to the

    elementary schools!

    Jammin' to Some Tunes - Music Around the World

    Take a trip around the world by exploring music from various cultures. Plus, a fun surprise at the end!

    Four Squareoke

    Four Squareoke is a dynamic combination of the classic

    game of foursquare and karaoke. At this workshop you’ll

    get to throw it back to elementary school with the timeless

    game of foursquare with the added twist of karaoke

    battles to see who really wears the crown on the court.

    Mental Health and Sports

    Involved in sports and/or actiities? Come talk with us about strategies to help you balance all the fun things in your life!

    You Know BTS?

    Do YOU know who BTS is? I'm sure you've heard of them,

    but what do you really know about them? Come and find

    out who these boys from South Korea really are!

    Video Games

    Come play with us!

    Complexities of Identity

    A discussion about the way we identify ourselves in this

    modern world, and why it matters.

    La Comida es La Cultura/Food is Culture

    Education of Latino culture through the use of food,

    music and games.

    Ultimate Frisbee!

    We will be playing Ultimate on the football field! The

    workshop will teach two basic throws and then the rest

    will be scrimmaging.

    Music 101

    How do I write a song when I’m sad, angry or happy?

    You’ll learn how to write a pop hit without knowing how to

    play a single note!

    Discrimination: thought you’d see the last of me

    We’ll be discussing differences between discrimination in

    high school and college. We’ll include ways to respond as

    an ally, a friend, or a victim.

    The Only Place You Want Creased-Up Papers

    Whether you can barely fold a snowball, or you've completed a thousand paper cranes, this is the workshop for you! Learn all the terms and techniques you need for origami. You'll leave the class with models to bring home and show off.

    Why Twilight is the Best Book

    Explore the ways Twilight characterizes our modern youth like no other story has.

    Beneath the Teeth

    Discovering that the oceans top predators are not so

    different from us.

    The Dangers of Plastic

    One of the most pressing issues concerning today’s environment is the irresponsible use of single-use plastic. Come learn about what we can do to reduce our plastic usage and decorate a reusable bag!

    Tweet Your Mind

    Come talk about our social media-driven world and how much a hashtag can change society

    Unpaid work is the best work.

    Help us, help yourself, and the community. This workshop will teach you about all the benefits of community service and why it is essential, while you indulge in treats and do some community service yourself.

    Let’s be friends!

    Come join us as we take friendship back to its most basic form through friendship bracelets and fun conversation!

    Intelligent Lives documentary double session with panel

    Explore this impactful film about inclusive schools and then discuss with a panel.  This is a double session.

    Forum Theater

    Learn how to problem solve with improv.

    36 Questions to make a friend

    Getting to know people isn't so hard. Pick up some tips

    to be super smooth.

    Euskal Dantza

    Learn about the Basque Country of Northern Spain and

    Southern France and learn to do some of the dances that

    make their culture so unique!

    Get out the vote, a history of your voting rights.

    The fight for voting rights has been ever continuing since

    the ratification of the constitution in the 1780s. And

    through the passage of the 15th, 19th, and 26th

    amendments, the rift to vote has been expanded to more

    people than ever, yet new movements have arisen to open

    that right for an even larger group of citizens.

    Setting History Queer

    An introduction to gender and how NOT simple it is.

    Bad Faith

    Let's Talk about Religious Extremism

    ____ like a girl

    A discussion breaking down the stereotypes of femininity

    and re-addressing the way we talk about women

    There are enemies within our government

    Joe McCarthy, A. Mitchell Palmer, and the story of the

    men who went so far to save America they nearly destroyed


    Mindful Interactions

    How negativity affects your mind and hinders you from

    doing what you're truly passionate about

    Don't Be a Drag, just Be a Queen

    Witness a Live Drag transformation in person

    ft. Mack Castañeda! Dive into an extravagant Culture,


    Writer's Workshop

    Let your thoughts flow from your pen to the paper . Learn

    how to write creative and tips for writing your own book.

    Sustainability 101:

    Sustainable living is seeming to be a necessity for our

    future. What exactly is sustainability? This workshop will

    be discussing ways high schoolers can live sustainably.

    There will be time for questions, make sure you bring them!

    Close Encounters with Birds of Prey

    Birding is not just for retired people. Come learn about

    and encounter LIVE owls, hawks and falcons. The first

    step of saving a species is to learn about them. These

    birds are spectacular in beauty, and would love to

    showcase their deadly beaks and talons. This will truly

    be FALC'N AMAZING!!!

    Run. Shoot. Score. Repeat.

    Some People know more than others about soccer but that doesn't matter here. Come to this workshop and learn how to be a team player by learning tricks and applying it into a real game! come and have some fun!"

    What is antisemitism and how can I be an ally against it?

    We will be giving a brief history of Jews, the holocaust,

    and antisemitism. We will also discuss what it means to

    be antisemitic and how we can fight against it.

    Looking into Relationships; Sexual Assault and Consent

    Answers to all your questions and concerns: what

    constitutes healthy relationships, info about sexual assault

    you don’t learn in health class, and a safe space for sharing