• F r e n c h   C l u b

    Bienvenue au club de Français!


    Créé en 2018

    Welcome to French Club! We're a new club at WLHS dedicated to learning more about Francophone culture and the French language, and are so excited to share our love of all things French with you! 

    ~ What we do/ Ce que nous faisons ~

    • Learn new words or phrases every week 
    • Learn about history, art, holidays, and more about francophone culture 
    • Become more exposed to France by enjoying french cuisine and watching French films


    All levels of speaking are welcome

    ~ We meet every Tuesday at lunch in room B204 (Mme. O'Malley) ~

    Advisor:  Madame O'Malley

    Contact:  Annelise Hoover

    Arc de Triomphe


    Please feel free to stop by, we are a new club and are happy to see what we can do to enhance your experience and grow as a French learner!