• Hey all, welcome to the ASL Club Webpage! Here you can see our agenda for the week as well as any resources we might be using.


    Week 15, April 3rd


    Week 14, March 20th


    Week 13, March 13th


    Week 12, March 5th

    • Game Day!


    Week 11, February 20th

    • Discuss ASL Club so far and do Survey
    • Start "Hello" group translation
    • New Mailing List


    Week 10, February 6th

    • Discuss ASL Club so far and do Survey
    • Dialologue Activity
    • Q and A


    Week 9, January 9th

    • Talk about ASL Club so far and invite everyone to do Survey
    • Review
      • Who, What Where, When, Why, How, How-Many
      • Fingerspelling
    • Telephone game


    Week 7 and 8

    • Work Time and Presentation of small group projects


    Week 6, November 28th:

    • Sit Down Game
    • Past, Present, and Future!
    • Start Group Project
      • Groups of 4-6 will be performing at least 1:30 of a song in ASL on December 11th
      • You can personally translate lyrics or use translation from YouTube
      • You're allowed a Glosses/Lyrics sheet, but must know the signs individually
      • Recommend using Lifeprint.com for translation

     Week 5, November 13th:

    Week 4, November 6th:

    • Discussion of learning resources and communication
    • Adjectives - Round 2!
    • Favorites
    • Colors!
    • Vocab (if time allows)