Facilities Management

  • Maintenance, Grounds, & Custodial

    We continue to excel in all areas of Maintenance, Grounds, & Custodial, energy conservation program, and the Work Order System. Our maintenance personnel are dedicated to providing a safe learning environment through preventative and corrective services. The grounds staff works diligently to keep our campuses green and looking their best as scheduling allows. They maintain our athletic fields and stadiums and keep them in exceptional condition. The custodial staff continues to do a fantastic job in keeping our facilities clean for our students as well as for the community when they use our facilities for special events.

    The entire staff quickly responds to emergency calls and work orders which allows our students and staff to focus on teaching and learning. We are committed to ensuring that the maintenance and care of our buildings, grounds, and every inch of the district are maintained to the highest standard.

    Maintenance, Grounds, & Custodial areas of responsibility are:
    • Deferred Maintenance Program
    • Maintenance of Grounds
    • Maintenance of Facilities
    • Work Orders
    • District Vehicles and Vehicle Requests
    • Alarms
    • Fire alarms and Response
    • Annual Inspections 
    • Certifications

Staff Contacts