High School Opt-In Busing (Starting 2023-24)

  • Starting next school year (2023-24), all high schools will move to an opt-in busing system. This means that busing will be provided for high school students who plan to be regular bus riders and who opt-in. Students who do not opt-in, because they rarely or never need bus service, are welcome to ride the bus on existing bus routes that are posted on the district website.

    Why the Change to Opt-In Busing?

    Moving to an opt-in busing system will improve busing efficiency, cut down on the amount of time students spend on the bus, and will allow for busing to be provided to Riverside High School students. Opt-in busing also allows our bus company to assign routes to an appropriately-sized bus based on the number of student riders. Opt-in busing is a common practice used across school districts in Oregon.

    What is the Opt-In Process to Request a Bus?

    After spring break, we will provide parent-guardians of all current 8-11th grade students with a link to request busing for next school year. Parents of students who anticipate having a regular need for a school bus should respond “yes, I need a bus.” Parents of students who do not anticipate needing a bus at all, or only on rare occasions, should respond “no, I do not need a bus.” 

    Students who respond that they do not need a bus will still be able to use existing bus routes, which can always be located on the district website. If your student’s situation changes later in the year, students will be able to request and receive bus service. It can take up to 10 days for the student request to be processed. 

    Who Has Access to the Bus?

    All high school students who live in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District, attend their neighborhood boundary school or Riverside High School, and who live outside of their school’s walking boundary can opt-in to busing. Students who need a special accommodation to ride the bus are still eligible for bus services regardless of where they live. 

    Remember, this process is for HIGH SCHOOL students only. Current busing practices at the primary and middle school level will remain unchanged. 2023-24 Bus routes will be posted approximately two weeks before the first day of school on Aug. 29.