Walking Boundaries

  • The school district, in partnership with the Oregon Dept of Education, City of West Linn, City of Wilsonville, and Clackamas County, has created Walking Boundaries for all schools. These boundaries were designed starting from the Oregon Dept of Education's guidance of 1 mile walking distance to school for primary age students and 1.5 mile walking distance to school for middle and high school students. These boundaries then tighten around the school by incorporating a number of additional factors including existence of sidewalks and paths as well as geographical barriers (rivers, etc) and highways/freeways. An online interactive version of these maps is available via this link.

    Note that Stafford Primary School and Riverside High School both have no Walking Boundary — transportation is available to all students who live within the attendance boundaries of these schools. 

    Also note that families of students who live outside of their school's boundary are responsible for getting their children to school in a timely fashion. School bus transportation is not provided for these students. There are cases with students on Individualized Education Plans where bus service is provided within the walking boundary. This will be addressed as these students' IEPs are reviewed.