Nursing FAQs & Links

  • What happens when the nurse is in the building?
    Each District Nurse supports 2-3 schools and visits their schools at least weekly. They see students in the health room, handle calls, support classroom activities related to health/wellness, monitor medications and triage concerns from other schools.

    What if my child needs the nurse and she/he is not there?
    The nurses carry cell phones and are readily available as needed for assessment and consultation.  For non urgent problems, the first aid trained staff care for the students.  Each building has an Emergency Response Team (ERT) made up of staff members that the nurses have trained in CPR, first aid, use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and emergency medications.

    How do I contact my nurse to discuss health care issue for my child at school?
    Contact the school office.  The secretary has the phone numbers where the nurse can be reached.