Vision Screening

  • Grade K

    Per Oregon law OAR 581-021-0031 Nursing Services will  be partnering with Lions Club of Oregon to screen  Kindergartners.

    Grades 1-5 will also be screened annually.

    Parents wishing to submit a Vision Health Screening Certification instead of our vision screening need to provide a completed certification form prior to vision screening at their school.  Please print off the form, have your medical provider complete it and return it to your child's school.

    Vision Health Screening Certification 

    OAR 581-021-0031

    1. All students age seven or younger entering an educational program for the first time must submit vision screening/eye examination certification within 120 days of the student beginning school, that the student received:
         A. A vision screening or an eye examination: and
         B. Any further eye examinations or necessary treatments or assistance of the powers or range of vision of the eye
    2. Vision screenings must be provided by a person licensed by the Oregon Board of Optometry , Oregon Medical Board, a health care practitioner, school nurse, employee of an education provider, or another person who has completed instruction on how to perform vision screenings.
    3. Certification of vision screening is not required if the educational program receives a statement that certification was submitted to a prior education provider or if the student's or parent's religious beliefs are contrary to vision screening
    4. Failure to meet the requirements of OAR 581-021-0031 may not result in prohibiting the student from attending school. 


    Students who do not have access to vision insurance may qualify for a VSP vision voucher.  Please contact your School Nurse if you need help with this resource.
    Other Questions? Contact Nursing Services at 503-673-7041