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    The Oregon Diploma



    The Oregon Administrative Rules provide that school districts shall award a diploma to students upon fulfillment of all state and local district credit, competency, and attendance requirements. The standards also allow the granting of an alternative document, identifying acquired minimum competencies, to students having met some, but not all graduation requirements. All members of a graduation class, whether they receive a standard diploma or an alternative document, are allowed to participate in commencement exercises and receive the appropriate document in that ceremony.


    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District awards the following diplomas and certificates as appropriate:

    • Standard Diploma

    • Modified Diploma

    • Extended Diploma

    • Certificate of Attainment

    For further description of these diplomas and certificates, as well as graduation requirements beginning with the class of 2011, please link to the West Linn-Wilsonville School District School Board Policy "Graduation Requirements" (IKF).

    Graduation Requirements

    West Linn - Wilsonville School District Graduation Requirements
    Oregon Graduation Requirements (OAR 581-022-1130)

    Each student shall earn 24 credits (1 credit = a year) to include at least:
    • 4 credits Language Arts
    • 3 credits Mathematics (at least Algebra I and higher)
    • 3 credits Science (at least 1 credit of lab-based life science & 1 credit of lab-based physical science)
    • 3 credits Social Sciences
    • 1 credit Health Education
    • 1 credit Physical education
    • 3 credits The Arts, World Language or Career & Technical Education (CTE)
    • 6 credits Electives

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District meets the additional state personalized learning graduation requirements through on-going individual educational planning; collection of work samples; and individual/class participation in career-related opportunities and events.  The personalized learning requirements include:

    • Education plan and profile
    • Career-related learning experiences
    • Extended application

    West Linn-Wilsonville School District graduating students will demonstrate Essential Skills proficiency per the schedule and opportunities outlined by the state of Oregon.  Starting with the graduating class of 2012, students must demonstrate proficiency in the first Essential Skill (see The Oregon Diploma below). Career-related learning standards merge with Essential Skills at this time.

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    The Oregon Diploma

    In January of 2007, the State Board of Education voted to strengthen high school graduation requirements. These new requirements are designed to better prepare each student for success in college, work and citizenship. To earn a diploma, students will need to:

    1. Successfully complete the credit requirements (summarized above)
    2. Demonstrate proficiency in the Essential Skills
    3. Meet the personalized learning requirements (listed above)

    A phase-in schedule (2007-2014) has been created to allow students, families, schools and teachers to adequately prepare to meet these new requirements.

    The Essential Skills, as part of the Oregon Diploma requirements, were adopted by the State Board of Education in June of 2008. These are process skills that can be applied in a variety of courses, subjects, experiences and settings. The nine defined Essential Skills are:

    1. Read and comprehend a variety of text (2012)
    2. Write clearly and accurately (2013)
    3. Apply mathematics in a variety of settings (2014)
    4. Listen actively and speak clearly and coherently
    5. Think critically and analytically
    6. Use technology to learn, live and work
    7. Demonstrate civic and community engagement
    8. Demonstrate global literacy
    9. Demonstrate personal management and teamwork skills

    Beginning in 2012, students must demonstrate proficiency in the first Essential Skill before they are awarded a diploma. Students will have multiple options and opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of the Essential Skill (e.g. completing approved locally-scored assessments such as work samples, achieving a state-determined score on state assessment tests, achieving a state-determined score on another standardized test). The remaining Essential Skills will be phased-in over subsequent years as indicated above; timeline to be determined for the remaining skills.

    For further information on the new state graduation requirements and associated timeline and phase-in, please visit Oregon Department of Education's website: http://www.ode.state.or.us/search/results/?id=368