FirstView Bus Tracking Cautions

  • Setup instructions are at the bottom of this page, but please review these disclaimers first.

    Disclaimer - New App/System

    Please understand that this is a new app/system. It uses sophisticated technology that depends on a lot of components to function. We very much want feedback as you use the system. Feedback can be provided using the link in the top-right of the app. This feedback goes directly to the developer and support group.

    WLWV High School Students

    High school students in West Linn - Wilsonville are not assigned to a specific bus or stop. Because of this, the First View system will not work for HS students.

    GPS Tracking Technology

    The system relies on GPS trackers on each bus. Like any technology, GPS trackers can malfunction. They also are subject to areas where signal does not transmit reliably. On occasion, the bus may not show its current location or may be completely out of service. We will work to resolve these issues as much as possible. However, some of these issues are beyond our control.

    When Buses are Combined

    On occasion, it becomes necessary for us to combine two buses into a single run for a given day. This could be for a variety of reasons. When this occurs, the tracking system will not work for either bus.

    Tracking the Bus, not really tracking your Child

    The system actually tracks the bus and the expected arrival/departure at your child's stop. The system does not know if your child is on the bus though. Literally, the system tracks the bus, not the child.

    Weather Delays/Closures

    The system pulls data for each school day on the day before. Since weather related events are only determined on the morning of the event, we do not believe the app will accurately reflect expected stop times. Similarly, since snow routes are only determined on the morning of an event, the app will not reflect snow routes.

    What about Special Events

    At the primary level, you may send in a Special End of Day Request to have your child ride a different bus so that they go somewhere else on a given day (for example, to attend a friend's birthday). The app will NOT reflect this unusual occurrence.

    Does NOT track Field Trips, Activity Buses, or Events Buses

    This app tracks the bus routes that bring students to school and takes them home. No other tracking occurs.

    Times of Stops

    The app updates from the bus every 30 seconds. In limited testing, some people have claimed that the times are consistently a minute or two early, or a minute or two late. We believe that the times are accurate, but you should pay attention as you begin using the app in order to "get a feel" for any consistent difference between the app's estimated times and what you believe to be "real time".

    The school tells me that my child has no PIN

    The system is only set up to track students who are assigned to buses. If your child has no PIN, that is likely because they are not assigned to a bus. To request to have your child assigned to a bus, access the Bus Information link within ParentVUE. Bear in mind that these are requests and that they are fulfilled only as they can be.


    You can have the system provide you with in-app alerts to notify of delays or other circumstances. Each parent/adult account can have up to 3 email addresses that will be alerted of notifications. These are a part of the "Profile" once the app installed. Most cell phone providers have a way to have an email sent to a phone as text message. For example, if your phone number is 123-456-7890 and your provider is T-Mobile, you can send an email to and it will be delivered to your phone as a text message. This setup varies by service provider - consult them for details or a web search will probably get you the information. If you add this email address to your Profile, it should deliver a text message alert to your phone.

    We want to hear from you...

    FirstView developers and support are here to help you. Whether you are having trouble getting started with FirstView®, not seeing correct data or have an idea to make FirstView® better, we want to hear from you!

    • Contact FirstView® Monday – Friday (Support provided in English only):
    • Calling the toll-free phone number 888-889-8920 from 7:00 a.m. EST to 5:00 p.m. EST
    • Emailing Customer Support at
    • Using the in-app “✉” button to provide feedback


    Setting up the App

    We suggest, as you are beginning to use the app, that you use caution in relying on the information it is conveying too heavily. Experience of use will gradually help you anticipate slight nuances to the system that will help your ongoing use.

    1. On your iPhone's AppStore or on your Andriod's PlayStore, search for "FirstView" (note that there may be other bus tracking systems listed - these are for other companies - you want FirstView).
    2. Once the app is installed, launch it.
    3. You will be prompted to create a profile.
    4. After you have a profile created, you will then be prompted to add students. You will need your child's 6-digit ID number and 6-character PIN available on the Bus Information page within ParentVUE. This may not always be available at the high school level. 
    5. Within the app, you can add email addresses to receive the alerts by editing your Profile.
    6. To setup alerts/notifications for time or distance proximity to a stop, you will access your Profile and then tap on your child.

    There is also a website that can be accessed using a web browser - the address is