Member/Role Clarification

  • West Linn-Wilsonville School Board Advisory Committee

    Student and School Safety: Emergency Preparedness

    Role Clarification

    Role of Spokesperson: This person is chosen by the sub-committee and will

    1. Facilitate the summer advisory sub-committee meetings, and
    2. Maintain communication with the Board Liaison.

    As the facilitator, the spokesperson will

    1. Ensure meetings stay on topic and stay focused upon the relevant charge of the committee, and
    2. Ensure that all advisory members have the opportunity for meaningful contribution ensuring that one or two voices do not dominate the discussion, and
    3. Ensure that confidentiality of children and staff is guarded (known/perceived information about children or staff in our schools should not be shared in this forum).

    As the communicator with the Board Liaison, the spokesperson will

    1. Keep the Board informed of meeting dates and locations, and
    2. Clarify purpose and objective of the committee if confusion arises.

    Role of Board Liaison: One Director from the Board will attend every Advisory meeting. The Board Liaison is present to

    1. Listen to the advisory sub-committee members,
    2. Clarify the purpose and role of the committee as needed,
    3. Help re-direct meetings if momentum stalls or gets off topic and
    4. Ensure that confidentiality of children and staff is guarded.

    Board Liaisons are not expected to be an expert voice about district operations or protocols. The Board Liaison may correct misinformation as it arises. Board Members will not set meeting times; the advisory sub-committees select dates and times that work for them and the School Board then ensures a liaison will attend.