FAQs - Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Q. What Will My Insurance Out-of-Pocket Be?

    Out of pockets for full time Licensed Employee are based on a pool concept. These amounts will not be known until after the close of the open enrollment period (end of September). The Classified rates are based on the Cap and are posted on the Benefits page of the district website.

    Q. When Does My Health Insurance Go Into Effect?

    October 1 of each year unless you are hired mid-year. Then the date your Insurance goes into effect would be the first of the month following your date of hire.

    Q. I Have Recently Had a Life Event.  How do I go about changing my insurance?

    You may log into BenefitElect to make your change. Most life events do require proof be sent to the business office (ex. marriage certificate). Once this is received, your life event will be approved. Please keep in mind that you have 30 days from the life event to complete any changes. 

    Q. I Have a Domestic Partner - Can They Be Put On My Insurance?

    Yes, domestic partners are eligible for benefits. When enrolling a domestic Partner, an affidavit will pop up. This will need to be filled out and sent to the Business Office for approval. Please note that there will be a tax implication on the domestic partner coverage.

    Q. When Should I Receive My Insurance Cards in the Mail?

    Two to three weeks after you enroll however during open enrollment this could take a little longer.

    Q. What Do I Do Before I Get My Insurance Card?

    For Medical - Your doctor's office may need to re-submit claims to the insurance company.

    For Prescriptions - You would be reimbursed:  The reimbursement forms are available above in the forms section.

    Q. What Is PacificSource?

    This is the third party administrator for reimbursement requests from your Flexible Spending Account.  

    Q. What Is a Flexible Spending Account and How Can It Be of Benefit to Me?

    This allows you to pay for certain health related and/or dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. These expenses include health, dental, and vision premiums, un-reimbursed medical costs and child care.

    Q. How Are My Benefits Affected if I Am Working Part -Time?

    You must be working a minimum of .5 FTE to be eligible for insurance and you would be responsible for a percentage of the premium due each month. In other words, there would be more out of pocket expense incurred monthly.

    If you have additional questions, please contact us at:  PR-BEN@wlwv.k12.or.us