Chromebook Loan-Out During COVID-19 Pandemic

  • After the initial loan-out process that occurred on April 2 and 3, we understand that some families might still need a device for your student. We also know that the device you checked out might be having trouble. If you still need a device, we are happy to invite you to pick up a Chromebook. If you no longer need a device, you do not need to do anything else at this time.
    The device pick-up process will happen through our school district office located at 22210 SW Stafford Road, Tualatin. Please schedule your pickup at Please do not come without scheduling a timeslot first.
    If possible, please review these expectations (Spanish version) before arriving. You do not need to bring this form with you. However, if you can print and sign this Loan Acceptance (Spanish version) form and bring this with you, that would be helpful.
    When you arrive, pull up to curb in front of the doors of the building. If you don't have a Loan Acceptance form completed, there will be copies at the door. If you do not see someone just inside the doors, ring the doorbell to the right. When you have the Loan Acceptance form completed, hold it up so that we can read the adult name and children's names from inside the doors. Once we confirm that we saw that, you will place the form in a box next to the doors and return to your car. We will retrieve the devices. We will place them on a cart and roll it near your car. You will then retrieve them from the cart and the process will be complete.
    Please understand that we probably won't be able to retrieve your child's specific device. However, the Chromebooks are interchangeable. The only significant difference is on the login window where it may list something other than your child's school. However, if they just start entering their address, when they hit the @ sign, it will remove the other stuff and allow them to enter theirs. If you have trouble, please feel free to get help via