• Dr. Kathy Ludwig Greetings West Linn-Wilsonville School Community -

    Welcome to the West Linn-Wilsonville School District! This is an exceptional place of teaching, learning and community support. Between our incredible students, dedicated staff, supportive School Board and wonderful community, I can’t imagine a better place in which to learn and lead.

    What makes this district so special is that while we draw upon students, families and patrons from two cities, we are ONE community, made stronger by our mission of creating learning communities for the greatest thinkers and most thoughtful people for the world.  We have compelling District Goals, that drive strategies and actions for improving how we teach, learn and lead in cultures that are inclusive, courses that are academically rigorous and results that generate equitable outcomes for each child. 

    This year, our West Linn-Wilsonville theme is “Leading Together”, and I invite members across our community to engage and participate in ways that strengthen our district mission and shine a light on the endeavors of our amazing students.

    To a great year!

    Kathy Ludwig, Superintendent

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  • Schools Celebrate Before Heading Off to Winter Break

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 12/15/2017 4:15:00 PM

    Everyone was in the holiday spirit at Bolton Primary on Friday, Dec. 15 during the school's Giving Parade.

    While Winter Break was calling, West Linn-Wilsonville students weren't quite ready to return home for the holidays on Friday. Schools throughout the district celebrated their last day together with assemblies, holiday parties, and other unique festivities.

    At Bolton Primary, students participated in their annual Giving Parade. Students wore outfits crafted to fit class themes, before marching around the Bolton campus in front of friends and family. Bolton students also made generous donations to the West Linn Food Pantry prior to their Giving Parade, capping off a successful first half of the school year.

    At Sunset Primary, meanwhile, students celebrated with their traditional Winter Wacky Assembly, complete with a bobble head song and dance routine that had students and families in hysterics. Rosemont Ridge Middle School capped off its spirit week with a community gathering, West Linn and Wilsonville high schools finished successful fundraisers for worthy causes, and Boones Ferry held a morning choir performance among many other school celebrations. 

    Happy Holidays, we'll see everyone on Jan. 3!

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  • West Linn-Wilsonville Strings Students Showcase Musical Talents

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 12/14/2017 5:00:00 PM

    WLWV Intermediate Strings students play a piece during their Winter Concert on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

    West Linn-Wilsonville Strings students wowed friends and family Tuesday night, demonstrating skills they've learned during their Winter Concert. Led by Music Man Studios Instructor Nathan Givens, the beginner Strings students played "Hot Cross Buns" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before giving the Intermediate Strings students a chance to showcase a variety of more advanced pieces. Strings students are made up of primary school students from across the school district, giving students a chance to meet peers from other schools and parts of West Linn and Wilsonville. 

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  • Athey Creek Makes Positive Impact on Eagle Creek Restoration Efforts

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 12/13/2017 5:05:00 PM

    Athey Creek eighth-graders donated $9,000 to Eagle Creek restoration efforts on Wednesday, Dec. 13.

    While frost outlined Multnomah Falls on Wednesday morning, the icy waters couldn’t hide the surrounding damage that was inflicted by the Eagle Creek Fires earlier this fall. Many of the trees and foliage that border the trail to the waterfall’s summit are either gone or noticeably singed. A large number of hiking trails throughout the Columbia Gorge, meanwhile, remained closed due to safety hazards.

    The good news is that the National Forest Foundation is working closely with the U.S. Forest Service to understand the impacts of the fire, while determining the best methods to go about restoring the area to its previous glory. The even better news is that Athey Creek Middle School is here to help, making a sizable donation Wednesday morning to the Eagle Creek Fire Restoration Fund.

    Eighth-graders made the trip out to the iconic Multnomah Falls site Dec. 13 to present the forest service with a check for $9,000, which will go directly to the restoration of the trails that Oregonians love so dearly. Students raised money for relief efforts largely through their annual Turkey Trot, which took place right before Thanksgiving break. Students presented their check Wednesday morning where they got the opportunity to listen to officials talk about relief efforts, as well as learn about how they can continue to help restoration efforts in the future.

    “I wanted to raise money for the Eagle Creek Restoration Project because I love the Columbia Gorge and I know many others do as well,” said eighth-grader Hannah Bader, who raised more than $1,100 on her own. “It makes me feel good that we’re making a difference, but I want to raise even more money to give back.”

    Athey Creek students plan to return in the spring and summer to further help with trail restoration efforts. In the meantime, Eagle Creek officials told students that continuing to be wildlife activists, and teaching others environmental education, is where the largest impact can be made.

    “We’re very focused on philanthropy at Athey Creek Middle School. We are incredibly proud of our eighth-graders for the work they’ve done and for their continued efforts to make a difference,” said Assistant Principal Caitlin Klenz.

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