School Counseling

  • School Counselors in West Linn-Wilsonville support the work of creating learning communities for the greatest thinkers and the most thoughtful people...for the world.  Every school in our district has a least one tremendous professional taking on this vital role in helping all students move toward unprecedented results.  

    There are many different ways that School Counselors support students, including:
    • Academic development: School counselors help students obtain and maintain the attitudes, knowledge and skills needed for academic success in the present and for the future.
    • Career development: School counselors help students understand their personal skills and talents in ways that allow them to acquire skills for exploring the world of work and for making informed career decisions.
    • Personal/social development: School counselors engage students in activities to promote positive interpersonal knowledge, attitudes and skills. These assets are central to helping students make healthy decisions, set reasonable personal goals, cope with difficult and stressful situations and consider their personal safety inside and outside the school setting.

    Our school counselors play a key role in the education of all students. They are consistently positive, encouraging and supportive of students, teachers and school administration.

    Welcome to the School Counselor resource page. This page is a resource for topics related to school counseling. You can find links to the following topics in the column on the left side of the page:
      • 504 tool and resources
      • Supporting Students Who are Pregnant or Parenting
      • Services for Homeless Students
      • Suicide Prevention
      • Threat Assessment
      • Circles of Support/Child Study Process
      • Flight Team Crisis Response
      • Home Instruction
      • Ed Plan and Profile (required transition planning as part of the Oregon Diploma)

    WLWV Comprehensive Guidance Curriculum
    WLWV Character Education
    Local Mental Health Resources

    This list was compiled by the Children's Center in 2013. The school district does not endorse or recommend these providers. However, this list may be a useful resource for families pursuing mental health supports for their children.  

    For School Counselor contact information, visit the specific school website. (Scroll up to the top of the page to find the "Select a School" menu.)
    Student Support and School Social Workers - WLWV School District  
    Brittany Bucholz

    Sarah Hiatt

    Cheryl Wilson
    Brittany Bucholz
    School Social Worker and Outreach Specialist
    Middle Schools & High Schools
    Sarah Hiatt
    School Social Worker and Outreach Specialist
    Primary Schools

    Cheryl Wilson
    Social Worker and
    School Counselor
    West Linn High School