Supporting Students Who are Pregnant or Parenting

  • Guiding Principles:

    In West Linn-Wilsonville schools, we are committed to provide a circle of support for children who face opportunity challenges or possible barriers to their education. This includes students that are pregnant or parenting, regardless of their gender. These supports can be implemented at any of our schools. We work to maintain stability in the student's education and create an individual plan to address needs or barriers that a student may experience. This planning is done in collaboration with the student, their parents, and any other supporting agencies.

    Procedural Guidance:

    • Prior to a student choosing services:
      • If it comes to a staff member's attention that a student may be pregnant,  the student should be referred to the school nurse for immediate consultation.
      • Great attention should be given to the student's privacy at this point, with strict confidentiality in place.
      • As in all manners of support for students dealing with difficult situations, staff will encourage students to share this information with their parents. However, it is not the staff member's information to share.
      • The school nurse will provide basic information about the availability of supports through the school.
    • When a student chooses pregnant/parenting services:
      • The school counselor facilitates a team meeting to begin creation of an individualized pregnant/parenting plan.
        • Team members should include:
          • School Counselor, Nurse, Building Admin, Student Services, Parents, and any appropriate agency reps.
        • Teams consider if barriers or needs exist in any of the following areas:
          • Education, transportation, child care, life skills, parenting education, career development, health & nutrition services, counseling, other social services.
          • Home instruction for education would only be considered for up to 6 weeks from delivery, as state licensed child care agencies require infants to be a minimum of 6 weeks old.
        • Provision of the services is agreed upon in a collaborative manner between school, parents, student, and agencies.
        • The content of the services for the student will be documented on the district Pregnant/Parenting Support Services Form.        
        • A 504 plan would NOT be provided in most cases, as pregnancy and parenting are not a physical or mental impairment. The exception to this would be if the pregnant student had documented medical complications, such as doctor-ordered bed rest.     
      • Students Services provides support to the building team as needed
      • Student Services communicates with IT to ensure appropriate funding reporting
      • The team may reconvene to adjust or revise the plan as the needs of the student change. It is recommended to review at semester changes.
      • The individual pregnant and parenting plans should be uploaded in the attachment tab of ePEP.
    • Resources That May Support the Plan
      • Referral to most Clackamas County Agencies can be made through Babylink.
      • The district may be able to access the Child Care Subsidy through the Office of Child Care for some students.
      • Clackamas County Healthy Families program is available for home visits and parenting education to all Teen Parent.
      • Some students may qualify for nutrition support through WIC and/or SNAP.
      • Other resources will be considered on an individual basis.
    • Exiting pregnant/parenting services:
      • Students exit pregnant/parenting services when they graduate from high school, unenroll from WLWV schools, or choose to end services.  
      • School Counselors alert Student Services, Student Services informs ITS to adjust enrollment category.


    Clackamas County Baby LinkBabyLink is ONE phone number you can call or text to find information and links to resources for expecting and new parents and their families in Clackamas County. The BabyLink line is answered by knowledgeable staff that can connect you to resources in the community such as parenting supports, clothing resources, finding health care for you children, local family events and more. Call or text: 971-400-7832 (regular text message rates apply)