Child Find

  • Guiding Principles

    In West Linn-Wilsonville, we understand the obligations of Child Find (locating, evaluating and identifying students with disabilities) while being keenly aware of the importance of not over-identifying students from underrepresented groups or making eligible students who may have issues other than disability impacting their learning, including second language acquisition.

    We are committed to finding all students (birth to age 21) who need special education supports that reside in our boundaries. This commitment applies regardless of the severity of the disability, mobility, advancement from grade to grade or educational setting (private, alternative, charter, or home school). 

    The question of eligibility for special education is an important one. Special education can provide much needed supports and insight for students with disabilities. At the same time, the identification for special education can impact the ways a student experiences school and the mindset of the learner and those around them.

    Parents and community partners need information about this important process, especially that evaluations are conducted at no cost to the parent. We strive to communicate with parents and community partners about our evaluation and special education services.

    Procedural Guidance

    Public Awareness

    • The district will publicize information about special education services in the district and the referral process for evaluations in multiple ways throughout the community. This may include, but is not limited to, advertisements in the local newspaper, posters in community settings, information on district website, information for doctor's offices, etc. 
    Staff Awareness
    • The district ensures that staff are knowledgeable about the characteristics of disabilities and the referral process for students, including children birth to age 5, suspected of having disabilities. 
    Community Partner Awareness
    • The district works closely with community partners, such as the Clackamas Education Service District (ESD), to publicize information about special education evaluation and services. 
    Early Childhood Evaluation
    • West Linn-Wilsonville provides a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in the evaluation of children birth to age 5. This team receives referrals from Clackamas ESD, local physicians, the Department of Human Services (DHS), local hospitals, parents, and other community partners.
    Child Study Teams
    • Every school in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District has a Child Study team. The purpose of the Child Study team is to notice and intervene early if a child is struggling in any area of educational performance. One possible outcome of support through this team could be referral for special education evaluation in any and all areas of suspected disability.
    If I'm a parent, who do I call if I have concerns about my child's performance in school?