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  • Message from Superintendent Kathy Ludwig

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 6/1/2020 5:00:00 PM

    Dear West Linn-Wilsonville Community,

    I am writing today with a heavy heart as we continue to respond to acts of racism — whether overt, covert, violent or passive — and strive forward to be better as a school community, better as cities, better as a state and better as a nation.

    The recent murder of George Floyd, a black man, pinned down by a Minneapolis police officer’s knee has launched understandable public outpouring of anger, frustration, heartache, and grief even in our own community here in West Linn-Wilsonville. A single event becomes one in a series of events or experiences that cry out to be addressed, named, challenged, and changed.

    This year, our School Board, District leaders, teachers, and staff added the phrase, “disrupt systems of racism” to our District Goal #1. This added language was intentional, signaling an expectation and deliberation for us to root out racism in our schools, our curriculum, and our culture, thereby ensuring welcoming and inclusive learning spaces for every one of our students.

    We are committed to promoting anti-racism and social justice in our schools. In addition to a District Equity Team, each school’s Equity Team identifies actions and systems that serve to support our students of color and disrupt institutional racism. It is time for us to be better.

    We are saddened that these recent events are so raw and real to many of our families here in West Linn and Wilsonville. Even though we are physically separated during this time, we want to make ourselves available to our students and families most impacted by the recent events. Please contact a teacher, school counselor, principal or myself, if you need help or need comfort and assurance.

    We want to affirm our racial, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, gender, economic and religious diversity as a strength in our community, our state, and our nation. Each child, each student has a right to thrive.

    Today, we share the grief of a family who has lost a loved one. We share the persistent outrage and frustration of those who experience marginalization, discrimination, and unjust treatment. And we commit to change, prompted by poet Maya Angelou’s words: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

    Thank you for supporting our efforts as a school district and keeping us accountable to being better.

    Kathy Ludwig, SuperintendentEstimada Comunidad de West Linn-Wilsonville,

    Estoy escribiendo hoy con el corazón pesado, a medida que continuemos respondiendo a actos de racismo-ya sean evidentes, disimulados, violentos o pasivos-y nos esforzamos por ser una comunidad mejor, mejor como ciudades, mejor como estados y mejor como nación.

    El reciente asesinato de George Floyd, un hombre afro-americano, inmovilizado en el piso por la rodilla de un policía de Minneapolis, ha lanzado un desbordamiento de ira, frustración, dolor y aflicción del público y aún en nuestra comunidad aquí en West Linn-Wilsonville. Un sólo evento que llega ser uno en una serie de estos, o experiencias, que hacen un llamado a ser abordados, nombrados, retados y cambiados.

    Este año, nuestros líderes del Distrito, Consejo Ejecutivo Escolar, maestros y personal, agregaron la frase “interrumpir los sistemas de racismo” al Objetivo #1 del Distrito. Este lenguaje agregado fue intencional, señalando una expectativa y deliberación para que saquemos de raíz el racismo en nuestras escuelas, nuestro currículo y nuestra cultura, de ese modo asegurando la bienvenida y espacios de aprendizaje inclusivos para cada uno de nuestros estudiantes.

    Estamos comprometidos a promover la justicia social y el anti-racismo en nuestras escuelas. Además de un Equipo de Equidad en el Distrito, cada Equipo de Equidad en las escuelas, identifica acciones y sistemas que sirven de respaldo a nuestros estudiantes de color e interrumpe el racismo institucional. Es tiempo para que seamos mejores.

    Estamos entristecidos de que estos eventos recientes están en la superficie y de manera real para muchas de nuestras familias aquí en West Linn y Wilsonville. Aunque estamos físicamente separados durante este tiempo, queremos hacernos disponibles a nuestros estudiantes y familias más impactadas por los recientes eventos. Por favor contacte al maestro, consejero de la escuela, al director o a mí misma, si necesita ayuda, confort y seguridad.

    Queremos afirmar que nuestra diversidad racial, cultura, étnica, lingüística, de género, económica y religiosa, es una fortaleza en nuestra comunidad, nuestro estado y nuestra nación. Cada niño, cada estudiante tiene el derecho de prosperar.

    Hoy, compartimos el dolor de una familia que ha perdido a un ser querido. Compartimos la indignación persistente y frustración de aquellos que experimentan marginalización, discriminación y trato injusto. Y nosotros nos comprometemos al cambio, incitados por las palabras de la poeta Maya Angelou: “Haz lo mejor que puedas hasta que sepas mejor. Entonces, cuando sepas mejor, hazlo todavía mejor” (“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”).

    Gracias por respaldar nuestros esfuerzos como distrito escolar y manteniéndonos responsables a ser mejores.


    Kathy Ludwig, Superintendente

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  • Budget Learning Session Webinar

    Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 5/29/2020 5:00:00 PM

    The district released the Budget Listening Session Webinar on Friday, May 29 ahead of the Budget Process. The Budget Webinar is a pre-recorded video delivered by Superintendent Kathy Ludwig that outlines the current financial landscape, district priorities, and what community members can expect as we prepare for the budget process beginning with the June 8 School Board Meeting.

    Budget Webinar

    Budget Webinar Feedback Survey

    This Budget Webinar is not a live webinar, but instead an opportunity for the community to learn and provide preliminary feedback before the Budget Process begins. As a reminder, you can find the full Budget Process Timeline below. Thank you for your participation and for providing valuable feedback through the online survey.

    Budget Process Timeline

    • June 8— Superintendent's Budget Message during School Board Meeting (the Budget Committee receives the budget message and proposed budget document. The proposed budget is available for public review at this time.)
    • June 22— Budget Committee Work Session
    • June 24— Additional Budget Committee Work Session (if needed)
    • June 29— Budget Hearing and Adoption
    A Spanish version of the Budget Webinar will be provided to families and community members as soon as possible.
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Dr. Kathy Ludwig, Superintendent

  • Dr. Kathy LudwigWelcome to the West Linn-Wilsonville School District!

    Our incredible students, talented staff, supportive and dedicated community make this a tremendous place in which to learn and lead.

    Our school district guides us with a compelling vision question, “How do we create learning communities for the greatest thinkers and most thoughtful people…for the world?”

    This question challenges us to continually hone our practices and skills in creating exceptional learning environments for our students. The question also challenges us to implement practices that help our students grow as thoughtful citizens and compassionate humanitarians. Together, the vision question prompts us to continually engage our students’ minds and hearts. As the late poet, Maya Angelou declares, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

    We pledge to do our best when working with the children entrusted in our care. This year holds great promise, great opportunities and great accomplishments for each of them.

    With pride to lead WLWV,
    Kathy Ludwig

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