Licensed Tuition Reimbursement

  • The District will reimburse teachers for tuition paid at the college or university of the teacher's choice. The amount of reimbursement will be limited to the tuition rate in effect at Portland State University at the time of attendance or actual tuition, whichever is less. Each teacher shall have on file with the appropriate Administrator, Professional Goals that have been jointly developed. The goals shall reflect the teacher's focus for professional development. Once professional goals have been established, they will provide a frame of reference for professional growth activities. District Approval must be obtained prior to enrolling in a course for which reimbursement is requested. Courses may not be approved unless they relate to the teacher's goals and the approved program for professional growth.



    The district allocates up to 12 graduate level credits per year at the PSU rate for colleges/universities using a quarter system. The district allocates up to eight credits in universities/colleges that have a semester system. Certified staff working eight (8) hours per day are eligible for the full tuition amount of the PSU graduate rate listed below. Certified staff working 7.99 hours per day or less receive tuition reimbursement on a prorated basis. If you attend another college or university and the tuition is higher, the difference in cost would be compensated by the employee.


    1 752.00 1128.00
    2 1254.00 1881.00
    3 1756.00 2634.00
    4 2258.00 3387.00
    5 2970.00 4455.00
    6 3472.00 5208.00
    7 3974.00 5961.00 
    8 4484.00 6726.00 
    9 4961.00 7441.50 

    Semester Credits = PSU Fee x 1.5

    Please Note:

    • Payment will be for the actual tuition amount or the PSU tuition rate, whichever is less.

    • Only classes taken for credit are eligible for tuition reimbursement or prepayment.

    • The teacher must receive a grade equivalent to a "B" or better in all graded classes and a "P" in all pass/fail classes.


    Occasionally the school district offers college credit courses through a local institution. These courses are usually held in a district facility and are bound by the same limits and regulations as other college courses. (see Tuition Reimbursement and Professional Advancement sections of the Professional Growth Handbook).

    1. Register for course on the forms provided by the District Curriculum Office or course instructor.

    2. Provide proof of completion to the district Human Resources office (grade slip/transcript/other).


    The district provides other opportunities for staff development throughout the school year. Included in these are:

    • October's State In-Service Day is an unpaid day. However, teachers are encouraged to attend conferences and workshops in areas of their choice. Go through the usual process of seeking reimbursement through the Professional Development Fund.

    • Committee and Textbook Selection: Release time may be provided in review and select teaching materials and to design future programs.

    • New Staff Induction Program is an opportunity for teachers new to the district to obtain additional staff development activities as well as an intensive introduction to the district.

    • Summer Curriculum Projects - 2002-2004 * Contract  Excerpt:

    Proposals which will become part of summer curriculum activities shall be submitted no earlier than May 1 according to the District established guidelines and timelines, with teachers to be notified in writing of the disposition of the proposal with thirty (30) days of submission.

    All requests are processed electronically through Frontline Professional Growth (formerly MyLearningPlan).
    If you are interested in applying for tuition reimbursement, please login to Frontline Professional Growth and access the Certified Tuition Request Form
    If you need technical assistance with Frontline, please contact : 
    Human Resources