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    Human Resources

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How do I apply to your district?

    1) Click on Employment in the upper right-hand corner of the district website to view current openings
    3) Click on Apply button at the far right of the job you wish to apply to
    4) Click on the Apply to this Position button on the top right side of the page

    When does the hiring season begin?

    The "official" hiring season begins the day after the Oregon Educators' Fair each April. However, hiring can occur throughout the year.

    My teaching license allows me to teach in grades 5-12. However, I’m really interested in another teaching level. Would the district consider hiring me now and allowing me to get the proper certification later?

    Unfortunately, no. A teacher must be properly licensed and endorsed for authorization level per Oregon Statute.

    If I have applied for a position, may I visit the school?

    This is problematic for schools to accommodate. Often there are many applicants for any single position, and if all candidates visited schools it would be disruptive to the school program. It is suggested that you visit school websites where you will find valuable information.

    What are my opportunities for professional development?

    The District offers each teacher up to 12 graduate level credits per calendar year at the Portland State University rate. It is our expectation that teachers continue to grow and learn throughout their career by taking classes, attending workshops and participating in district-sponsored seminars and activities. All In-District classes are offered at no cost and can be taken for credit or continuing professional development hours.

    Where will I be placed on the Salary Schedule?

    You will need to submit official transcripts and years of experience verification to the Department of Human Resources upon hire.  You will be officially placed on the salary schedule once a review of transcripts and employment verification has taken place.

    If you have other questions that are not addressed on this page, please contact