Professional Development Fund

  • PDF Committee

    Guidelines for Considering Applications

    Professional Development is defined as an experience which contributes to the improvement of instruction, increases staff competency, and encourages innovation.


    1. Number of teaching days absent for professional reasons.
    2. Number of staff and students affected.
    3. Availability of funds from another source.
    4. Method (s) of sharing the benefits of the activity which other staff members.


    The application will: 

    • be for an activity which, if available at multiple sites, will be funded for the nearest available site.
    • be submitted according to the posted timeline.

    The applicant(s) will demonstrate:

    • that the activity will have a significant impact on the improvement of instruction.
    • that the activity is germane to applicant's current teaching assignment.  

    All requests are processed electronically through Frontline Professional Growth (formerly MyLearningPlan) by accessing the PDF Certified Request Form.
    All PDF reimbursements need to be completed in the fiscal year in which the event occurs.  Our district fiscal year is July 1 to June 30.
    If you need technical assistance with Frontline, please contact:  Human Resources Specialist Natalya Vitale at 503-673-7004