Classified Employee Professional Development & Tuition Reimbursement

  • Classified employees desiring to complete professional development to upgrade capabilities for their current position may apply for prepayment/reimbursement by using the following guidelines:  

    Seek prior approval from supervisor.

    Submit request form electronically through the online professional development system, Frontline Professional Growth (formerly For assistance, contact Natalya Vitale at 503-673-7004.

    A classified employee is eligible for reimbursement at the Portland State University undergraduate level (see chart below) and may take up to one (1) three (3) credit course per term. Classified staff working eight (8) hours per day are eligible for the full tuition amount of the PSU undergraduate rate listed below.  Classified staff working 7.99 hours per day or less receive tuition reimbursement on a prorated basis.

    Tuition reimbursement may be obtained on a prepayment basis with adequate notice (21 days). A grade transcript must be forwarded to the Department of Human Resources following course completion. If, after prepayment of tuition, the employee is unable to provide evidence of successful completion of the course (transcript showing a grade of A,B,C or Pass for the course), the employee shall make reimbursement to the District in the form of payroll deduction.

    Requests for reimbursement must be forwarded during the school year in which the professional development activity was completed.


    CREDIT HOURS Quarter School Total Semester School Total
    1 492.00 738.00
    2 734.00 1101.00
    3 976.00 1464.00
    4 1218.00 1827.00
    5 1670.00 2505.00
    6 1912.00 2868.00
    7 2154.00 3231.00
    8 2404.00 3606.00
    9 2621.00 3931.50

    Please Note:

    • Payment is for the PSU tuition rate or the actual tuition rate, whichever is less for full time staff.
    • Payment is for the prorated amount of PSU tuition rate for less than full time employees. 
    • Only classes taken for credit are eligible for tuition reimbursement or prepayment.
    • The employee must receive a grade equivalent to an A, B, C or Pass for the course.
    If you need technical assistance with Frontline, please contact : Human Resources at 503-673-7004