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  • The Department of Human Resources supports and contributes to the district’s mission of "creating learning communities for the greatest thinkers and most thoughtful people for the world“ through core services and competencies including:

    • recruitment and staffing
    • employee relations
    • organizational and employee professional development
    • compensation
    • benefits and wellness
    • information management
    • risk management
    • regulatory compliance

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    Vision & Philosophy

    As we serve, we value and commit to:

    • Maintaining excellence, honesty, integrity, principles of fairness, equity, respect, understanding and high standards in the quality of service that we provide;
    • Providing personalized, trustworthy service, courteous assistance, patience, and compassion for any client needing our assistance or service;
    • Taking responsibility as a department and as individuals for the quality of our work and for the image we present as representatives of the school district;
    • Working as a team to develop partnerships through continuous open communication with our internal and external clients and our co-workers;
    • Promoting personal and professional growth as well as job satisfaction for all district staff; fostering an environment in which employees' creativity and productivity are recognized, valued and encouraged;
    • Never forgetting to see the human side of our work, maintaining our sense of humor and valuing each other;
    • Continuously re-examining and improving our processes in order to achieve the best practices in human resources;
    • Using technology to enhance and streamline our information management and service delivery; 
    • Achieving cross-functional expertise and reliability to ensure time-sensitive and dependable service delivery.

Human Resources Staff

Phone: 503-673-7095


Degrees and Certifications:


Director of Human Resources

Districtwide/County HR
Administrator New Hires

Administrator/Confidential/Specialty Contracts
Labor Relations
Loan Forgiveness Forms - Public Service and Teacher Grant
Retirement Process
Support for Superintendent and School Board

Phone: 503-673-7018


Degrees and Certifications:


Senior Human Resources Specialist

Licensed New Hires
Job Posting to Licensed Positions
Teacher Licensure
Workers Compensation
Employee Leave Process - FMLA/OFLA


Phone: 503-673-7004


Degrees and Certifications:


Human Resources Specialist

Frontline — Absence Management
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Forms
Coach/Casual/Enrichment Hires
Substitute Teacher Hires
Substitute Paraeducator Hires
World Language/Rosetta Stone Hires

Restricted License Sponsorship through TSPC
Tuition Reimbursement/Professional Development
Column Management
Data Requests