West Linn-Wilsonville Safety Plan

  • Safety is a top priority within the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. Many factors are critical to fostering a Safe School Climate, all of which are included in the Safety Plan section. Many aspects of WLWV's Safety Plan are the result of a 2016 safety audit conducted by Elert and Associates, the national safety and security consulting firm with whom the district contracts. Emergency protocol components such as school evacuation routes, reunification plans in the event of an evacuation, and pieces of the district's hazard assessment intentionally remain confidential. 
    The district utilizes a three-tiered approach to reviewing, revising, and implementing district-wide security procedures and protocols as well as security upgrades at WLWV schools.

    Tier I

    Tier I encompasses the building level, as well as the District Safety Committee, which is a representative group that proactively reviews current practices and procedures. Tier I includes School Emergency Response Teams (principals, secretaries, counselors, teachers, and staff trained in first aid), who meet monthly to review safety procedures and processes as well as aid in the practicing of those processes. Tier I implements directives given at the Tier II level.

    Tier II 

    Tier II is made up of the District Safety Leadership Team, which is made up of district administrators who regularly meet to review and evaluate district safety and security with guidance from Tier III. This is the group that determines district-wide improvements, how resources will be allocated and utilized, time lines for improvement plans, and review of the Emergency Operations Plan. Tier II includes community partners such as West Linn and Clackamas County Police, and TVF&R, who meet bi-annually.

    Tier III

    Tier III is the group that guides all district decisions related to safety and security. Tier III consists of  True North Consulting Group (Elert and Associates), the national safety consultant that regularly reviews WLWVTrue north consulting group District and school security measures and practices. True North Consulting Group ensures that WLWV is using best practices, has top facility safety features, and is in compliance with state and national standards, FEMA procedures, homeland security, and more. True North Consulting Group conducts thorough audits, which provide the baseline for the district Safety Plan while influencing ongoing and future safety improvements. 
    The Safety Plan section includes the many components that contribute to safe and secure schools within the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. Review and adjustments to the the district Safety Plan are ongoing, as safety and security remains a top priority for West Linn-Wilsonville.