Student Tech Use Guidelines (Primary)

  • At the start of school each year, we review these guidelines with all students and ask them to discuss them with their parents.

    We provide a number of technological resources to our students in order to enhance their education. The following lists expectations and things to be aware of in regard to the use of the technology:

    1. I understand that my use of technology at school and for school should be limited to school-related activities in support of my education.
    2. I understand that I should behave appropriately and safely in my technology use, including protecting my personal information.
    3. I realize that my school-related technology use is not private and could be subject to review at any time.
    4. I understand that I should use technology in ways that my teachers and family are aware of and are in support of.
    5. If I should encounter anything strange or unexpected while using technology, I will seek help and guidance of a teacher.
    6. I will do my best to learn what it means to be a good digital citizen and strive to become a good digital citizen, both at school and outside of school.
    7. I respect that the adults who work at my school can direct my use of personally owned technology while at school (including on buses) and that this may include being asked to leave it at home or put it away.
    8. I will not personalize or change settings of any school device without first asking a teacher for permission.