Digital Citizenship

  • Digital Citizenship Roles - Self, Family/Friends, CommunityDigital Citizenship is a vitally important aspect of today's society. The ability to stay safe while also being an participant in today's world requires that people learn how to engage socially, politically, and in virtually every way using the technology tools of the day.

    At the start of each school year, our students are expected to review a list of Technology Use Guidelines with their parents. This presents a valuable opportunity for families to discuss aspects of children's lives that some parents may be unaware of. It also lays the groundwork upon which each item can be expanded throughout the school year.

    Teacher-Librarians meet twice monthly to cover a wide-array of topics. Digital Citizenship and methods of promoting these topics with staff and students is always a main topic of discussion. 

    We use CommonSenseMedia's framework for helping us teach students about the various aspects of Digital Citizenship. We have selected a different emphasis for each month of the school year:

    September - Privacy & Security
    October - Internet Safety
    November/December - Relationships & Communication
    January - Creative Content & Copyright
    February - Digital Footprint & Reputation
    March - Cyberbullying & Digital Drama
    April - Self-Image & Identity
    May - Information Literacy

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