Data Security & Confidentiality

  • As a public educational institution, we collect and generate a lot of data about our students, our staff, our systems, our performance, our achievement, and much more. 

    As we do this work, we pay very close attention to protecting this information and data, particularly in its smallest granularity.

    From a technical perspective, our most sensitive data systems employ SSL security and/or proprietary encryption of data.

    As people working with these systems, we also employ some common sense methods:

    • We have screen lockers installed on office computers that will activate after a short period of inactivity.
    • We ask staff to orient their workspace in ways that do not expose their screens to public traffic and/or viewable windows.
    • We ask staff to shred/dispose of printouts containing sensitive information and data.
    • We routinely remind staff to change passwords, especially to sensitive data systems including email.

    We consider full student names, birthdates, address, phone numbers, and photos to be highly sensitive and have specific School Board Policies regarding the use and sharing of these data items.

    When we work with a 3rd party for a service (for example, graduation materials), we enter into a Memo of Understanding that outlines what data they need access to, why they need it, how they intend to use it, how they intend to protect it while in use, and how they will dispose of or protect it into the future. This memo also lays out the expectation that the data will not be used for other purposes and that it will not be shared with others.