Environmental Safety Introduction

  • West Linn-Wilsonville School District takes Environmental Safety and Health seriously in recognition of responsible stewardship of district facilities for District the safety of students, patrons, and our environment.

    Environmental Safety & Health is a category of safety that includes routine activities such as:

    • Regular monthly District Safety Committee meetings, training and record-keeping in compliance with Oregon OSHA
    • Oregon Healthy and Safe Schools Plan
      • Safe Drinking Water
      • Lead testing
      • Radon testing
      • Lead paint management
      • Indoor air quality management/testing
      • Integrated Pest Management (IPM Program)
      • School Bus Idling reduction
    • Domestic well water management, testing & certification
    • Asbestos Management (AHERA) Plan
    • Mold management and protocol
    • Kitchen sanitation and refrigeration temp protocol
    • School laboratory chemical management, use and protection
    • Level I and II Environmental Real Property assessments
    • Community partnerships with:
      • Oregon OSHA
      • Oregon DEQ
      • County Health Department
      • Wilsonville Public Works Department
      • West Linn Public Works Department
      • Design Architects and Engineers
      • PBS Environmental Services
      • Metro Waste Management (hazardous materials)

    These, and many more, environmental safety and health-related systems and actions ensure the protection of district students, patrons and the environment.

    Read the district's 2019-20 HASS Plan Annual Statement