Student Supports

  • In West Linn-Wilsonville, our commitment to supporting the whole child is evident in our relationships, our school culture, our curriculum, and in the supports that we provide for students. Some students may need on-going for supports, perhaps in the form of a medical protocol for chronic health condition such as diabetes. Some students may need intensive supports for a shorter period of time, such as a student who is grieving the loss of a loved one. 

    In thinking about the kinds of supports needed, we also consider what is necessary for all children, such as education on bullying prevention. Other supports, such as a Flight Team Response after a student death may be necessary for the children at one school school but not another. A few students may need some very intensive supports, such as a suicide risk assessment. By contemplating which supports are necessary for all students, which are needed for some students, and which are needed for few students, we are able to more appropriately match resources to student needs. This section takes you to Student Supports related to safety. 

    All Students, Some Students, Few Students