Volunteer/Visitor Sign-In

  • Volunteer and Visitor Check-in ProtocolHelpCounter Logo

    We use a system called HelpCounter to help manage volunteer and visitor check-ins at school. We expect all non-employees to go through the school office as they enter the school. As they do so, there is a check-in computer where they will check in and have a photo taken, and then a sticker badge will be printed. This badge should be worn at all times when in the school. Each time a non-employee visits a school, they should produce a new badge.
    Volunteers who will be working with children are asked to self-report about their background and are also expected to agree to the Volunteer Agreement as they check in for the first time.
    Parents can manage their own accounts by logging in at https://www.helpcounterweb.com/ci/volunteer. As students change schools or if parents want to know the status of their account, this access can help track that.
    More information about our Volunteer Registration System.