Student Walkout Protocol

  • The West Linn-Wilsonville School District supports our students’ ability to exercise their First Amendment rights. While we cannot sponsor student protests, and neither encourage nor discourage student protests, we understand that student leaders may choose to organize a local school walkout in coordination with national events.

    In the event of a planned walkout or demonstration at any WLWV school, it's important to note that students are not obligated to participate, and teachers will remain in classrooms to teach students who choose to remain in class. Those who do choose to walkout will not be penalized academically for their participation, and we will take attendance upon return to class.

    In the event of student demonstrations, principals work with student leaders in our middle schools and high schools to ensure safe and orderly walkouts. In alignment with that practice, staff also prepares ahead of time to create safe venues for students while providing alternative forums for expression that avoid disrupting class time. The District asks that students remain on campus for the duration of any walkout. WLWV involves the West Linn Police Department and Wilsonville Police Department, as well as additional campus supervision from administrators in order to maintain a safe environment during such events.