Emergency Preparedness & Response Introduction

  • West Linn-Wilsonville School District has over the last few years systematically developed, initiated, implemented and practiced a variety of Emergency Preparedness initiatives to help inform, train and assist students, staff and our community.

    Emergency Preparedness & Response is a category of safety that incudes routine activities such as:

    • Automated and synchronized 911 system
    • “Flash Alert” subscription and use for mass communication
    • Installation and use of standardize intercom systems
    • Standardized school/district level emergency messaging
    • Hazard Assessments of District schools by professional security risk managers (Elert & Associates)
    • Regular admin level formal meetings with community first responders
    • Developed “Three Tier” approach to District Safety
      • District Safety Committee
      • District Safety Leadership Team
      • Elert & Associates
    • Design buildings and systems to maximize security at new and existing schools.
    • Print and Post Crisis Management booklet at all schools and classrooms
    • Actively coordinate and cooperate with SRO officers and local police
    • Develop Emergency Operations Plan
    • Adopt “I Love You Guys” Foundation material and practice
    • Adopted NIMS protocol (National Incident Management System-FEMA)
    • Schedule, record and conduct regular emergency drills at all schools
    • Purchased and in-process installation of district wide emergency radio communication system
    • Provide intrusion alarm system
    • Proprietary level lock & key systems
    • Developed/adopted Board Policy for Video Monitoring
    • In process of design, purchase and install of video cameras at all schools

    These and many other emergency program components are an integrated part of every school and are in use each day to inform and train staff, strengthen and coordinate communication and action with community first responder network and assure Emergency Planning and Response in the event of crisis.