Monday Message April 13, 2020

Happy First Official Day of Distance Learning!

We know it will be bumpy for students and staff alike as we learn our way into this new way of schooling, but we know with good communication and growth mindset, it will get better for all. 

And, please know that if you are juggling your own children at home, internet issues, care for aging parents, emotional well-being, be kind to yourself and others. Just do the best you can, and we will all learn so much from this experience. 

Here are important updates as you head into this week (language from our most up to date Procedural Guidance in google classroom):

  • SPED Casemanagers:
    • Remember first priorities are connecting with students and families, creating access to gen ed curriculum, embedding SDI supports...Then SPED processes are the next priority.
    • We have more sample Prior Written Notices linked in the guidance now
    • Scheduling IEP meetings as you can
      • Try not to make Fridays your first choice for IEPs, since those days are supposed to generally be focused on professional development. However, schedule your IEPs when the required team members are available.
    • If at all possible, have your SPED IC be your district rep for your first few meetings in this new setting. 
      • Because holding IEPs virtually is new territory for all of us, and parents may have very unique or complex questions about IEP implementation and resources in the Distance Learning for All context, make every effort to have your SPED IC serve as the District Rep for your IEP meetings, at least for the first few weeks. As always, exceptions may be needed in some circumstances.
  • Social Workers:
  • Counselors & Psychs:
    • PLEASE check out important new guidance around Child Study processes and Evals, I will post in the shared drive as well
    • HS Counselors, if you haven't already seen them, ODE's new HS Graduation tools are posted in the shared drive
    • Amazing work collaborating at levels to create SEL lessons, and tiered support plans!!!
    • Suicide Prevention Flow Chart update for distance learning will be coming very soon
  • SLPs:
    • Thanks for reading the ODE guidance on Telehealth. Rest assured, we are not rushing into anything just exploring the possibilities.
    • Working to find a time to meet on Friday...more details coming soon!
  • Nurses:
    • Andrew K will be sending out weekly community briefings (smores) and would like to have a Nursing Notes section created by the Nurses every week. Please turn these into me by Thursday afternoon each week so that we make the deadline :)
  • Motor Team:
    • Excited about the Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Sensory Regulation activities that will be going out through Learning Specialists to Google classrooms each week.  These look amazing and really provide a great UDL base!
    • This week, lets start to think about those few students who may need more/different from this
  • Transition Specialist
    • Excited to hear about how you are planning supports with others who support Transition in our schools
  • ParaEducators:

Finally, as you have successes this week, please share those. We all need to learn from each other's innovation. Also, bring on the questions and concerns too. Have a wonderful week supporting our students in new ways, and keeping yourself safe and healthy.

All the best,