WLHS Photos 1922

  • WLHS Photos - 1922

    Union High School - 1922

    1922 picture of WLHS

    Things That Make West Linn Union High School a Modern and Up-To-Date One
    (from Union High School Bulletin, 7/15/22)

    Desire on the part of every student to do his best to keep up the standards of our school.

    A school board that functions for the best interests of the students and the district.

    A high percentage of parents and patrons who are active boosters for the high school.

    A completely equipped Domestic Science and Art Department.

    A complete and efficient Commercial Department.

    An excellent Manual Arts Department.

    Excellent sets of maps for the history Department.

    Complete equipment for physical training and athletics.

    Athletic field large enough for gridiron, track and baseball field.

    A large covered grandstand with screened front, from which crowds may view athletic contests.

    Shower rooms and dressing rooms.

    A good library with the best periodicals that are published on file.

    1922 - Union High School Faculty

    1922 Faculty

    John L. Gary - Principal
    Wilvred W. Davis
    Margaret DuBois
    E. Minerva Gleason
    Vesta Lamb
    Ernest Larios
    Helen Leathers
    Dorris P. Mace
    Charles O. Main
    Percy S. Sparks
    Ralph Barbur

    1922 - Student Body Officers

    "The folks who kept the machinery running smoothly"   

    1922 Student Body Officers

    Mildred McKillican - President, Raymond Montgomery - Vice President,
    Evangeline Christensen - Secretary, Jack Hempstead - Treasurer

    1922 - Sophomore Class 

    1922 Sophomore Class

    1922 Sophomore Class Council

    1922 sophomore class council

    1922 Freshmen Class

    1922 Freshman

    1922 Freshmen Class Council

    1922 Freshmen Council

    1922 - Boys Glee Club

    The first meeting of the club seemed to start the thing right, for thirty-two boys
    turned out, which was good for the first meeting. The club practiced every Thursday
    of each week preparing for the initial program which came off March 3, and which
    proved to be a success. The songs they sang were "Yankee Doodle Boy" and the
    High School Song, "We Love Old U. H. S.".

    1922 Boys Glee Club
    Instructor: Miss Helen Leathers

    Officers: Arleigh Read, President; Dempsey Powell, Business Manager; Gordon Hammerle,
    Secretary; George Pepoon, Treasurer.

    : Charles Karlik, Duncan Christensen, Roy Wilkinson, Fred Meeds, Leonard Hall,
    Marvin Hickman, Glenn Smith, George Patterson, Sidney Brown, Dempsey Powell,
    Walter Brady, Averril Sannon, Raymond Montgomery, Gaylord Montgomery, Arleigh Read,
    Roy Buckles, Ellsworth Smith, Elmer Garrison, Elmer Simpson, John Michels, George Pepoon.

    1922 - First Year Cooking Class

    The class was divided into two sections, one section entertaining the other at breakfast.
    The second section reciprocated with a dainty luncheon. We thus received practical lessons
    in entertaining and being entertained.

    1922 First Year Cooking Class
    Instructor: Miss Gleason
    Adeline Ollham - President, Phyllis Tiedman - Vice President, Mary Scherzinger - Secretary
    and Esther Graw - Treasurer.

    1922 - Second Year Cooking Class

    The second year cooking class returned to school last fall with smiling faces in anticipation of the many good things we were to learn to make during the year. When we were finally organized and ready for work, our formerly large class numbered but seven, the same as the advanced class of last year.

     1922 second year cooking class
    Instructor: Miss Gleason (names of students not given)

    1922 - First Year Sewing Class

    One of the most enjoyable rooms in the school is the Domestic Art room where
    the "Arts and Crafts" club meets. The club is made up of eighteen studious girls.
    Our first piece was a Polly Prim apron, we also have made many very dainty and
    useful articles of wearing apparel during the year.

    1922 first year sewing class
    Instructor: Miss Gleason

    Laura Kenney- President, Vivian Rauch- Vice President, Helen Clark - Secretary
    and Agnes Braatz- Treasurer.

    1922 - Girls Glee Club

    The first appearance of the Girls Glee Club was at the Christmas program put on by
    the school Friday afternoon, December 23rd. Songs sung were "Twilight Revel" and
    "Honey". Their First Annual Concert was given March 3rd in the Union High School Auditorium.

    1922 Girls Glee Club
    Director: Miss Helen Leathers

    Officers: Doris Ellis, President; Veatrice Rauch, Secretary and Treasurer; and
    Benevieve Fromong, Business Manager

    Members: Mildred Kanak, Zelma McDonald, Nellie Harvison, Una Hyatt, Sabra Nussbaum,
    Erna Fisher, Hazel Hudson, Adeline Oldham, Eleanor Hall, Glenna Miranda, Veatrice Rauch,
    Phyllis tiedemann, Leona Fox , Evangeline Christensen, Ruth Junken, Vernieta Strong,
    Genevieve Fromong, Ruth Spagle, Eva Chapman, Mamie Wallis, Ella Parker, Dorris Ellis,
    Amelia Pauline, Jennie Hoyt, Annette Adcock, Aileen Worthington, Eunice Ammer, Dorris
    Smith, Mildred Kyler, Laura Britton, Elsie Junken, Elsie Turel, Vivian Rauch, Agnes Braatz,
    Dorothy Barlow, Dorothy Fox, Maybelle Whitcomb, Mary Louise Merrick, Flora Kanak
    and Erma Roche.

    1922 - Girls Quartette

    1922 Girls Quartet
    Left to Right: Elsie Turel, Veatrice Rauch, Miss Helen Leathers - Director,
    Dorris Ellis and Flora Kanak. 

    1922 - Debate Team

    1922 Debate Team
    Affirmative: Arleigh Read and Janess Sutton Negative: Beulah Snidow
    and Genevieve Fromong

    1922 - Green & Gold Staff

    "The grind of getting out the publication has been no slight ordeal but there are very
    few incidents where all students and faculty as well as parents and advertisers have
    failed to contribute to the success of this book when called upon to do so. We take
    this opportunity to express our gratitude to those who helped us in the work of
    publishing this annual."

    1922 Green Gold staff
    Jack Hempstead - Editor
    Marvin Hickman - Business Manager
    Gordon Hammerle - Assistant Manager
    Arleigh Read - Athletics
    Margaret Pepoon - Girls Athletics
    Eugene Vedder - Literary
    Blanche Junken - Snaps
    Flora Knak - Art
    Raymond Montgomery - Jokes
    Mildred McKillican - Society
    Beulah Snidow - Junior Editor
    Genevieve Fromong - Alumni
    Veatrice Rauch - Sophomore Ed.
    Mildred Williams - Senior Ed.
    Gordon Tuor - Freshman Ed.

    1922 Orechestra

    Before this orchestra was started, some of us had become a little lazy with our
    instruments but our enthusiasm was aroused and we have each taken them up
    again with a desire to make ourselves worthy of the institution to which we belong.

    1922 Orchestra
    Director: Miss Helen Leathers
    Piano: Doris Ellis; Saxaphone, Woodson Smith; Mandolin, Flora Kanak; Traps,
    Marvin Hickman; Guitar, Sabra Nussbaum; Baritone, Eugene Vedder; Clarinet,
    Tom Patterson; Violin; Dempsey Powell, Gladys Chambers, Orilla Oliver, Duncan
    Christensen and Homer Nussbaum