WLHS Photos - 1946

  • WLHS Photos - 1946

     1946 Band

    1945 Band

    Ilia B. McCandless, Majorette

    First Row:  Robert Simpson, Merriam Jeter, Alice Wilkinson, Georganne Thien,
    Chester Stauffer, Charles Kimball, Fred Shinkle, Pat Blue, Ronald Pearson.

    Second Row:  Mr. Mills, Dale Bradley, Shirley Lundgren, Margaret Nichols,
    Joyce Toedtemeier, Don Byer, Wayne Graham, Gail Louden.

    Third Row:  Rozella Yeomans, Lois Corderman, Lois McCart, Jim Thien, Dick Piper,
    Albert Hoffman.

    Fourth Row:  Bill Surerus, Scotty Beach

    1945 Boys Club

    1945 Boys club

    Bob Mikels, Norman Trappe, Ronald Baird, Mr. Oppenlander.

    The Boys' Club is composed of all the boys attending WLHS.  Through the able
    leadership of Norm Trappe as president and Mr. Oppenlander as advisor, this
    organization has done very well this year.  Several movies and programs have
    been sponsored by the Boys' Club.  A Father and Son supper was put on by the
    Boys' Club the night before May Day.

     1945 Boys' Chorus

    1945 Boys Chorus

    First Row:  Kenneth Gould, Harold Stewart, Florian Peters, Dick Erickson,
    Harry Sargent, Lowell Ross, Harry Handy.

    Second Row:  Forrest Jennings, Dan McMahon, James Gast, Dan Carlson,
    Winford Boatright, Bob Stein.

    Third Row:  Mr. Mills, Don Smith, Roy Pearson Bill Hoffer.

    1945 Girls' Chorus 

    1945 Girls Chorus

    Seated:  Dona Bagley, Ardis Mullin, Beulah Lambert, Doris Harper, Wilma Tripp,
    Alma Walters, IliaBee McCandless, Wanda Shockley, Anna Ritter.

    Standing-First Row:  Miss Brunner, Phyllis Wacker, Colleen McCandless, Barbara
    Schnoerr, Geneva Chapman, Margaret Walters, Ilene Brendle, Marilyn Methven,
    Elaine, Edmondson, Betty Hoffman, Donna Buse, Betty Fromong.

    Second Row: Dolores Moore, Arlene Stone, Barbara Trapp, Jo Marie Powell,
    Shirley Taylor, Merriam Jeter, Louise Landis, Betty Magennis, Lois Otnes,
    Rosemary Pauly, Eleanor Simpson, Jean Hartman, Priscilla Swedlund.

     1945 Girls League

    1945 Girls League

    Kathryn Moore, Virginia Worthington, Virginia McCart, Mrs. Colter, Norma Helsby.

    The Girls' League is made up of all the girls of West Linn High and its purpose is to
    promote the general welfare of the girls.  This year the Girls' League sponsored the
    Football Dance, the SnowTime Swirl, Freshman Mother and Daughter Tea, and several
    shows.  In the spring, the league had a Cotton Dress Day and Dance and the main
    event, the Mother and Daughter yearly tea, which includes both the boys' mothers
    and the girls' mothers.  The Girls League has spent a very successful and and enjoyable year.

    1945 Lettermen's Club

    1945 Lettermens club

    First Row:  Bob Veelman, Laurence Carpenter, Howard Hinckley, Pat George,
    Almond Mindt, Bob Warner.

    Second Row:  Jay McMurren, Don Smith, Dennis Brending, Albert Hoffman,
    Lowell Ross, Bud May.

    Third Row:  Keith Stein, Norman Trappe, Earl Bruck, Roy Pearson, John Selnes, Merle Rees.

    Fourth Row:  Bob Walsh, Don Byer, Jack Taylor, Winford Boatright, Don Carlson, Jim Crumley.

    Fifth Row:  Bill Hoffer.

    1945 Honor Society

    1945 Honor Society

    First Row:  Lucille Kestek, Betty Olson, Velma Meadows, Hattie Carpenter,
    Dolores Sherman, Lois Petit, Maralyn DeBok.

    Second Row:  Cornelia Nichols, Harriette, Stewart, Donna Little, Mary Jo Fisher,
    Betty Magennis, Donna Shainholts, Georganne Thien, Kathryn Moore, Ruth Dickenson,
    Norma Helsby, Don Byer.

    Third Row:  David Gerspach, Mary Lou Berning, Bud May, ValJean Madsen,
    Virginia Worthington, Harlan Jacobsen.

    1945 Friemen's Club

    1945 Firemens club

    First Row:  Paul Sundquist, Ray Shoemaker, Laurence Carpenter, Norman Trappe,
    Trieve Tanner, Jack Taylor, Bob Wievesiek.

    Second Row:  Bob Walsh, George Matile, Rnald Baird, Michael Hoggan, Donn Walsh.

    1945 Yell Leaders

    1945 Yell Leaders

    Top:  Howard Hinkley, Dolores Sherman, Alfred Syvertsen, Hattie Carpenter, Jack Taylor.

    Starting at the top of "W":  Virginia Worthington, Janet Whedon, Mildred Berry,
    Betty Schmidt, Alice Green, Betty Olson, Merle Montgomery, Donna Little,
    Shirley Brennan, Sue Mote, Joan Murphy, Ilene Brendle, Dolores Olson, Velma Blanton,
    ValJean Madsen, Georganne Thien, Virginia McCart.

    Top of "L":  Suzanne Emmons, Arlene Stone, Mary Jacobsen, Anna Fay Rees,
    Willa Worthington, Irene Silver, Velma Meadows, Janet Sturges, Shirley Taylor.  

    Song Queens:  Hattie Carpenter, Dolores Sherman.

     1945 Symmetry

    1945 Symmetry

    Dolores Olsen, Mary Brosnahan, Arlene Stone, Ilia B. McCcandless, Georganne Thien,
    Kathryn Moore, Vivian Quick, Patricia Horning, Norma Helsby, Betty Jean Olsen, Ilene Brendle.

    1945 Student Body Officers

    1945 Student Body Officers

    1945 Student Bosses

    1945 Student Bosses

    1945 Candid Shots

    1945 Candid shots

    1945 Candid shots 2

    1945 Candid shots 3