WLHS Photos 1947

  • WLHS Photos - 1947


    1947 view of WLHS

    1947 Amplifier Staff

    1947 Amplifier staff

    First Row:  Deloris Hughes, Betty Hoffman, Merle Montgomery, Maralyn DeBok, 
    Barbara Trapp, Miss Strasser.  Second Row:  Joan Renner, Colleen McCandless,
    Janet Whedon, Joan Polzen, Ann Moyes, Alice Green, Richard Whipple. 
    Third Row:  Suzanne Emmons, Gloria Deamer, Mike Deamer, Mike Hoggan,
    Bessie Grey, LaVerne Bagley, Stanley Beutler.

    1945 amplifier girls

     Maralyn DeBok-Editor    Miss Strasser-Advisor      Gloria Deamer-Manager

     1947 Band

    1947 Band

    The Band under the direction of Mr. Bert Mills has provided music assemblies and
    have played for all the home football and basketball games.  They take part in the
    May Day Festivities and have recently organized a Music Club which has been very effective.

    1947 Girls' Athletic Association

    1947 Girls Athletic Association

    The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization for girls who are in sports and have
    earned fifty points or more.  Under the leadership of our supervisor Miss Epler, the
    club has sponsored many activities; among these were:  Halloween Dance,  Play Days,
    Christmas Banquet, bowling and skating parties, Kiddies Day and Dance and a visit
    to the Veterans Hospital.

     1947 Student Council

    1947 Student Council

    1947 Boys' Chorus

    1947 Boys Choir

    The Boys' Chorus is a group of boys interested in music.  Under the direction of
    Mr. Mills they have taken part in may school programs and different school activities.  
    They combine their intersts with the girls chorus to form the Mixed chorus.

    1947 Girls' Chorus

    1947 Mixed Chorus

    This year the Girls received a II in the District Tournament which is an excellent rating.
    They have participated in may school activities during the year.  Through Miss Brunner's
    intelligent direction they have completed a very successful year.

    1947 Girls' Nonette

    1947 Girls Nonette

    The Nonette, under the direction of Miss Brunner has proven itself an outstanding
    organization.  They received a I-rating in the District Tournament held at Estacada
    which entitled them to enter the Regional Contest.  Soloists receiving a superior rating
    were Rosemary Pauly and Eunice Christensen.

     1947  Student Council

    1947 Student Council

    Under the guidance of Harlan Jacobsen, Student Body President, Mr. Oppenlander,
    advisor, and Mr. Tunnell, the Council has brought to a close another active school year.  
    The Council is composed of the Student Body President, Vice President, Secretary,
    Treasurer, Editor and Manager of the Amplifier, Editor and Manager for the Annual,
    Fire Chief, Girls and Boys league president and presidents of each of the four
    academic classes.  Some of their main duties are to name appointive officers,
    determine the expenditures, and impeach or remove students from office because of
    failure in studies, imcompetence, or absence from two Council meetings without valid excuse.

    1947 student presidents

    1947 Girls' League

    1947 Girls League

    The Girls' League under the leadership of Kathyrn Moore and Mrs. Colter, Dean of girls,
    has had a very active year.  This organization consists of all the girls in the school and its
    aim is to contribute to the welfare of the girls.  This year, they sponsored a "cotton" day
    and "cotton" dance, a breakfast for the Basketball players, other dances, and recreation
    nights to help those who were learning to dance.  Their annual and most important event
    is the Mother and Daughter Tea which was very successful.  West Linn is proud of the Girls'
    League and we know they will carry on their good work.

    1947 Girls' Athletic Association

    1947 Girls Athletic Assoc

    1947 Boys' Club

    1947 Boys Club

    This year the Boys Club has showed a very active and cooperative spirit in all school
    and community affairs.  They have worked with the Girls' League and have presented
    to the school many fine movies.  Their main event of the year is the Father and Son
    Banquet when all the fathers are entertained.

    1947 F.H.A

    1947 FFA

    Miss McGuire, advisor, and her Home Economics club members have in many ways
    contributed their services to all school affairs.  They have served lunches for such
    organizations as the P.T.A., and the Red Cross; and they prepared a welcoming
    luncheon for Mr. Tunnell.  They made cookies for the Red Cross, helped serve many
    banquets and also took care of the uniforms belonging to the basketball players.  
    Whenever called upon they were always ready and willing to render their services.

    1947 Alpha Rho Tau (Art Club)

    1947 Art Club

    The Art Club was organized in 1947 by students of the art classes really interested
    in art work.  Each year the Art Club chooses a definite project usually to help make
    the school more attractive.  This year it was murals in the Lions Lair.

    Each year new members and new officers are chosen.  Requirements are I's in art with examples of your work and a real interest in art.

    1947 Yell Leaders

    1947 Yell Leaders

    Chief pepper-uppers this year were Harman Marshall and Harlan Jacobsen, yell kings.
    Song Queens were Velma Meadows, and Betty Jean Olsen.

    1947 Pep Club

    1947 pep squad

    The Pep Club has spent a very enjoyable year and has helped to keep the school
    spirit high.  They sponsored many dances after home games, all of which were
    very successful.  They supplied buses, to take the students to the games that
    were not played at home, and to close their year they gave a dinner for all the
    May Day attendants.

    1947 Honor Society

    1947 honor society

    The Honor Society is made up of students with high grades and enough school
    activity points.  The object of this organization is to encourage scholarship by
    recognition of merit and the basic aim is character-development.  Good school
    citizenship is required to be eligible for membership.

    1947 Firemen

    1947 firemen

    The Firemen under the leadership of Chester Stauffer, Fire Chief, and Mr. Shearer,
    advisor, have contributed much to the school activities.  Their duties are to clear
    the halls and man the fire hoses in case of fire drills or a fire and to officiate at
    school games or assist in any emergency.

    1947 Miscellaneou Pictures

    1947 Misc. Pictures

    1947 misc pictures 2