WLHS Sports - 1939

  • WLHS Sports 1939 

    1939 Coaches

    1939 Coaches

    Coach John Paul Brown has guided West Linn teams to many championships
    during his twelve years of mentoring at West Linn, and although none of his
    teams were champions this year, they all made very fine showings.

    Mr. Sam Nixon, a former football star from Pacific University, is finishing his
    fourth successful year as the assistant coach and trainer of the Lion football,
    baseball, and basketball teams.

    Mr. Felix Fors has again succeeded in turning out a fine track and field team. 
    As always before, Coach Fors has worked diligently and conscientiously in order
    to bring fame to West Linn, via a strong track squad.

    Miss Naomi Moshberger did a first call job in her instruction of all the girls'
    athletics for the past year.

    In coaching the tennis team this year Mr. Oliver fulfilled his duties in a very capable way.

    Under the able direction of Mr.Eugene Richmond the golf, swimming, and the
    minor sports teams finished the year with flying colors.  We feel this is due to
    the friendly attitude at which Mr. Richmond goes about his work.

    1939 Baseball 

     1939 Baseball  
     Left to Right, Standing-Woodworth, Breitbarth, Larimer, King, Gassner,
    McLaughlin, Baker, Brog, Ivins, Lamar, Lowry, Lewis, Fuson, Vinson, Dagget, Coach Brown;
    Seated-Coach Nixon, Campbell, Langeliers, Nolan, Thames, Hammerle, Whipple, Herndon, Tripp, Aden, Brobst, McMurren, Kern, Hollenbeck, Martin, Manager Montgomery.


    West Linn's baseball team had a highly successful season this year under the
    direction of Coaches Brown and Nixon.  Out of 13 games, West Linn won seven. 
    The boys, figuratively speaking, brought home the bacon, winning four league
    encounters out of six, and giving West Linn a percentage of over .600 in the
    Willamette Valley League.

    Returning lettermen on the team this year included Ted McMurren, Bill Tripp,
    Ernest Cambell, Dick Kern, and Sonny Martin.  Top hitters were Charles Thames,
    Ted McMurren, Bill Tripp and Merle Aden, who all hit the ball for a percentage of
    300 or better.  The first team this year was composed of the following:  Dick Kern,
    Homer Brobst, John Nolan, and Delbert Langeliers, pitchers: Sonny Martin, catcher;
    Ted McMurren, first base; Wayne Herndon, second base; Merle Aden, Shortstop;
    Ernest Campbell, third base; Bill Tripp, Charles Thames, Jim Whipple, and
    Frank Hammerle, outfielders; utility, Jack Hollenbeck, who can fill any position on
    the team except that of the pitcher.
    Practice Games 
    West Linn - 4   Parkrose - 5
    West Linn - 7   Sherwood - 6
    West Linn - 8   Sherwood - 10
    West Linn - 5   Parkrose - 4
    West Linn - 7   Columbia Prep -6
    League Games
    West Linn - 2   Chemawa - 0
    West Linn - 9   Dallas - 6
    West Linn - 3   Silverton -4
    West Linn - 1   Woodburn - 26
    West Linn - 13  Lebanon - 1
    West Linn - 15  Independence 7
    Non-League Games
    West Linn - 2   Estacada - 1
    West Linn - 3   Canby - 5

    1939 Basketball 


     From left to right - Nixon, coach; Brown, coach; Aden, guard; Ellis, guard; Kent, guard; Kern, forward; Herndon, reserve;Bauersfeld, forward; Whitney, forward; Karbonski, center;
    Watson, manager.
    West Linn's basketball team won 11 of 22 games for a percentage of
    500 during the 1938-1939 season, thus placing in the upper half of the
    Willamette Valley League.  Returning lettermen were Glenn Ellis,
    John Alan Whitney, and Stan Karbonski.  High scoring members of the
    team were Kent Bauersfeld and John Alan Whitney.  Prospects for next
    year's team are especially bright, with Bauersfeld, J.A. Whitney, Aden,
    Kern, Herndon, and Elliott planning to return.
    West Linn - 17     Canby - 26
    West Linn - 17     Sherwood - 14
    West Linn - 29     Newberg - 11
    West Linn - 17     Newberg - 14
    West Linn - 22     Oregon City - 28
    West Linn - 40     Chemawa - 27
    West Linn - 22     Dallas - 41
    West Linn - 32     Lebanon - 27
    West Linn - 19     Silverton - 29
    West Linn - 24     Molalla - 33

    1939 Football






    Top row (left to right): Kern, Coach Brown, Coach Nixon, Watson

    2nd Row:  Whitney, Kent, Stewart, R. Saulsbury, Dennis

    3rd Row:  J. Saulsbury, Tripp, Davis, McMurren

    1939 Football team
    Top row:  Hoyt, Baker
    2nd row:  Young, Peterson
    3rd row:  Thames, Shepherd, Wymore, Martin, Mathiot

    Coach Brown's football boys brought honor to West Linn High School by
    placing third in the Willamette Valley League in the 1938 season.  The West Linn
    football team was defeated in only two games in league play, by Woodburn and
    by Lebanon.  The latter part of the season was marred by the absence of
    "Hurricane" Ted McMurren from the line-up, due to a leg injury.  Charles Hoyt
    performed nobly in Ted's place.  In the annual Oregon City game, West Linn
    went down fighting to the score of 6-1.

    West Linn - 39   Molalla - 0
    West Linn - 31   Chemawa - 0
    West Linn - 33   Dallas - 0
    West Linn - 6    Silverton - 0
    West Linn - 0    Woodburn - 7
    West Linn - 0    Oregon City - 6
    West Linn - 19   Independence - 0
    West Linn - 13   Lebanon - 26

     1939 Boy's Golf


    The boys' golf team, under the direction of Mr. Eugene Richmond, won the
    Willamette Valley Conference championship.  This team, which was composed
    of Kent, Bauersfeld, Jim Otis, Jack Stewart, Paul Merrick, and Peter Blyth,
    lost only one match all year. 

    Playing on the girls' squad were Betty Lipp, Betty Ray, Virginia Wells, and Betty Kruse.

    1939 Boy's Swimming 




    The swimming team under the guidance of Mr. Eugene Richmond
    was very successful this year, winning the championship of the
    Willamette Valley Conference.  Members were;  Ed Blackman,
    Henry Redhead, Stanley Cissman, John Blyth, Dudley Titus,
    Jack Coxon, Clement Colgan, Lorin Milliken, Bob Burgess,
    Bill Benz, and Jack Breitbarth.


     1939 Tennis



    Coach Kenneth Oliver's tennis team has made an excellent showing
    this year, winning four out of seven dual matches with such schools
    as Oregon City, Milwaukie, Canby, Gresham, Columbia Prep, and Estacada. 
    In the Willamette Valley league playday held at West Linn, West Linn won the
    girls' singles, took second in men's singles and third in the mixed doubles. 
    According to Coach Oliver, the prospects for the next year are very promising. 
    Members of the tennis team this year were:  Virginia Wells, Lois Adams, Betty
    Fryer, Mary MacLean, Betty Lipp, Kent Bauersfeld, David Williams, Fred Scherer,
    Don Wymore, Vernon Toedtemeier, Clinton Day, Howard Dunn, dick Mathiot,
    Robert Parsons, and Stan Cissman.

    1939 Track 


    Back Row- Thompson, Murray, Reams, Meyers, White, Carl, Chalupsky, Hershberger, Webster, Warner, Federspiel, Dorney, Etchison, Watson

    Front Row-Merkle, Kahle, Arthur, Shepherd, Ballieu, Davis, Elliott, Saulsbury, Titus, Shimmel, Karbonski, Champbell, Milliken, Fors (Coach).
    West Linn's 1939 track season got off to a successful start at the Hill Military meet at the Pacific Livestock Pavilion where a West Linn relay team, composed of Jim Davis, Leroy Saulsbury, Keith Shepherd, and Howard Ballieu, won the intermediate distance medley race.

    The first full-fledged track meet of the season was held on West Linn's field April 19 with Woodburn furnishing the competition.  Woodburn won 70 1/2 to 49 1/2
    April 26 West Linn won a triangular meet with Molalla and Amity, chalking up 58 1/2 points to Molalla's 51 and Amity's s 40 1/2.
    At Gresham May 1 the Lion trackmen lost 49 1/2 to 72 1/2.
    In the League meet at Woodburn May 6 West Linn placed second with 38 1/2 points.  Woodburn took first with 42.
    In the triangular night track meet May 9 at Milwaukie, West Linn placed second to Milwaukie.
    In the district meet at Salem May 13 West Linn placed third behind Salem and Milwaukie, Jim Davis, West Linn dash man and broad jumper, set a new broad jump record of 21 feet 3 1/2 inches and placed second in the 100-yard dash.  Stanley Karbonski won both the shot put and discus.
    By virtue of their performance in the district meet, Davis and Karbonski qualified in four events for the state track meet held May 19 and 20 at Eugene.
    For the past seven years West Linn has had at least one man in the state track meet.  In the past five years in her league, West Linn has been runner-up twice and champion three times.  In the district, during the past three years, West Linn has placed either second or third.
    All in all West Linn's track history has been a noteworthy one, especially considering the fact that facilities for track at West Linn are somewhat limited.


    1939 Wrestling













    The West Linn wrestling team finished this year with a most enviable record, which was established against such schools as Benson, Canby, Milwaukie, Parkrose and Oregon City.  Two of the members won second place in the Willamette Valley, namely Bill Tripp and next year's captain, Waldo Ekerson.  Members of the team and their weights are:  John Morrison, 85; Jack Benz, 90; Bill Etchison, 98; Jack Reames, 117; David McCoy, 112; Edwin Woodworth, 115; Fred Scherer, 135; Jack Hollenbeck, 135; Captain Dick Lewis, 125; Waldo Ekerson, 130; Martin Wishart, 138; Stan Meyers, 124; Darwin Murray, 135;  Leo Critchfield, 145; John Burgess, 150; Melvin Boettcher, 150; Bill Benz, 145; Albert Hannegan 160; Sonny Martin, 160; Bill Tripp, 175; Marion Young, 185.