• 1952 Sports
    1952 Baseball 
    It is too early yet to be able to determine the outcome of this year's baseball season but as Mr. Brown says, "We'd like to win them all." although we have lost most of our batting power in the loss of Gray, Perkins, and Hammerle, we will have a hustling, hard playing ball club.  There are 10 returning lettermen including regulars Don Rasmussen, Jon Webster, Laurie Fitzpatrick, Tom Beisell, Lee Wallace and Merle Stewart.  Don Manning and Ron Adams may be used as regulars this year too.  If Connie Kilmer can find his batting eye, he could easily fill the vacant spot left by Hammerle.  Bob Eisele, who did a fine job last year, with more experience this year should be our key pitcher.  Other fine pitching prospects are Don Adams and freshman, Bill McIntosh.
    1952 Baseball Team
    Row 1:  left to right-Coach Brown, Clifford Davis, Jon Webster, Tom Beisell, John Lane, Merle Stewart.
    Row 2:  Darrell Fisher, manager, Lee Wallace, Don Manning, bill McIntosh, Don Rasmussen.
    Row 3:  Bob Eisele, Connie Kilmer, Ron Adams, Don Adams, Laurie Fitzpatrick
    1952 Football
    1952 Football Team  
    Row 1:  Martin McNickolas, Laurence Fitzpatrick, Conrad Kilmer, Bill McIntosh, Wayne Fitzpatrick, John Barham, Frank                       Zaniker.
    Row 2: Merle Stewart, Bob rinkes, buzz Wright, Larry Haxton, Bill Groff, Ed Lohman, Don Manning, Leroy Lundy.
    Row 3:  Don Christensen, Don Duval, Lee Wallace, Bill Smith, David Goins, Marvin Mitchell, Clifford Davis, John Rinkes.
    Row 4:  Coaches Dwight Catherwood and Jiggs Burnett, Co-Managers Keith Renner and Ted Wade, Bill Illingworth, Don                           Rasmussen,  Kernana Bagley, Jack Myers. 
     1952 Swim Team
    1952 Swim Team  
    Row 1:  Etta King, Dale Reed, Kay Granquist, Margie Zeller, Ruth Abbe, Pat McAvoy, Kathy Calzada, Jean Bennett.
    Row 2:  Manager Eleanor Foster, Martin Sammons, Tom McAvoy, Darlene Rinkes, Shirley Sarc, Marguerite Glass, Bob Russell,               Dick Sorrels.
    Row 3:  Coach Marion Locher, Allan Hannon, Larry Haxton, George Curtis, Keith Renner, Ted Wade, Wayne McDonald,                           Robert Rohe, Manager Beverly Christensen. 
    1952 Tennis 
     1952 Tennis Team
    Row 1:  Tom McAvoy, Bob Russell, Dick Sorrels, Martin Sammons.
    Row 2:  Delpha Short, Jean Baker, Marilyn Harr, Jeanne Hardesty, Marggie Zeller, Neva Perkins, Pat McAvoy, Pat Sharp.
    Row 3:  Diane Gaffey, Kareen Willson, Anita Adams, Etta King, Betty Eckert, Marguerite Gloss, Delma Bruck, Marion Locher,                 Advisor.
    Row 4:  Keith Renner, Larry Haxton, Jim Robnett, Richard enghouse, George Curts, Ed Fain. 
     1952 Wrestling
    1952 wrestline  
    Row 1:  Tom Sweeney, Bill Groff, Allen Arthur, Paul Bonney
    Row 2:  Coach James Hyde, Howard Reynolds, Bill Ellis, Jim Dale, Manager Kernan Bagley
    Row 3:  Wayne McDaniel, Bill Illingworth, Dave Chapman, Roger Smith, Dick Smith, Bob Kunz
    1952 Rally Squad
     1952 Rally Squad
    Row 1:  Helen blinkhorn, Margie Zeller, Shirley Shivers, Barbara Saxhaug, Shirley Fox, Neva Perkins, Shirley Williams.
    Row 2:  Virginia Finch, Mary Lou Davis, Gerry Williams, Nadine Meador, Sharon Zirbel, Marlene Pleinis, Phyllis Thornton,                     Advisor.
    Row 3:  Priscilla Horning, Eunice Misterek, Marilyn Hale, Joyce Cumberland, Beverly Halbach, Pat Milliken, Phyllis                                   Hefenieder, Sylvia Boisjolie.
    Row 4:  Virginia Jones, Jeanne Hardesty, Betty Greene, Florine Eisele, Delpha Short, Greta Shockley, Dale Reed, Pat Sharp.