WLHS Drama - 1958

  • WLHS Drama - 1958 

    The Dramatics club of West Linn is the Thespian Club.  Members of this club are 
    people interested in dramatics and are chosen by a set point system of the club.

    Sharon Hiner -President
    Fred Brown - Vice President
    Laina Schmidt - Secretary
    Jean Houts - Treasurer

    Below we find the Thespians gathered for a dramatic pose.  Laina,
    you can surely stand it a few more seconds! Please? Fred, really!!! 
    Betty, what a long arm you have!!

    1958 Thespians Pose


    1958 Thespians Officers


    1958 Thespian Meeting

    Row 1:  Jeannie Shockley, Jean Houts, Francine Shriock, Sue Warren, Laina Schmidt
    Divona Postlewaite, Mr. Liberty.

    Row 2:  Darrel Wallace, Sharon Hiner, Betty Vick and Fred Brown.