WLHS Drama 1937

  • WLHS Drama - 1937


    1937 Junior Play

    Perhaps the most significant play of the year was "Please to Meetcha," presented
    by the Junior class and directed by Miss Lundy with the help of Mr. Brown. The
    play was a mystery comedy centered around a country "hick" and his first
    experience in the big city.

    1937 Junior play cast

    1937 Senior Play

    This year's senior play, "The Family Upstairs," by Harry Delf, was a great
    success. Under the direction of Miss Cupper, the cast from the senior class
    enacted what proved to be a great "hit." The play dealt with the comical
    happenings of the average family in every day life.

    Cast members include: Jean Harvey, Ralph Davis, Kathleen Grossman,
    Max Herndon, Helen Stricklin, Doris Phelps, Phyllis Strayer, Dean Barnes, Everett Gurley.

    1937 senior play cast

    1937 Operetta

    The music department of West Linn gave the operetta "The Fire-Prince under
    the direction of Mr. F. H. Wade. The story centered around the castle of Pantouflia
    and the Spanish embassy. The romance of young Prince Prigio and lovely Rosa,
    the Ambassador's daughter, constituted the plot of the story.

    Cast members included: Gerald Dallas, Maxine Dunmire, Charels Gleason,
    Jean Harvey, Pat Simmons, and Bob Knoll.

    1937 Operetta cast


    1937 Student Body Play

    This year the student body presented "The Youngest," a comedy by Philip Berry.
    The play, under the direction of Miss Williams, portrayed the life of a wealthy family
    in a small city. The experiences and love affair of the small, "brow beaten" brother,
    Richard, provided good entertainment for the enthusiastic audience.

    1937 student body play cast