WLHS Drama 1932

  • WLHS Drama - 1932

    Junior Play

    "The Ghost Parade", a three act comedy that mixed fun and thrills, was chosen by the Juniors this year for the annual junior play. It was presented on April 6 to a high enthusiastic audience and will be remembered for a long time as a real hit.

    WLHS Junior Play 1932


    Don Ream
    Arthur Schwerin
    Joy Smith
    Betty Anne Miller
    Lillian Graham
    Edith Gross
    Lois Garrison
    Jess Dawes
    Roberta Shupe
    Kenneth Wendell
    Clara Rauch
    Don Rawlins
    Bill Wanker
    Elmer Howell
    Kenneth Miller
    Lillian Stevens

    Senior Play

    "Billy's Tombstones", acclaimed as one of the most uproarious and best-presented comedy's ever at West Linn, was given by the Senior Class on the evening of May thirteen.

    Most of the action in the play took place on board the "S.S. Florida", bound for Havana.  The auditorium was completely renovated to give the effect of an ocean-going liner.

    1932 Senior Play Actors


    Winford Warren                       Anne Schultz                               George Tozier
    Clarence Gross                       Mildred Matheson                        Viettia Schlegel
    Lewis Pratt                               Edith Synder                               Jimmy Robertson
    Audrey Shipley                        Don Batchelor
    Manley Carrol                          Harold Wievesick


    Student Body Play

    The student body play, which was presented December 11, was one of the most successful in years.  It was a three-act comedy by Carlyle Moore and was hilariously funny and well acted.  A mixture of kleptomaniacs and thieves made it interesting from beginning to end.  Miss Gayle Edgerton, Miss Audrey Lundy, and Miss Annette Adcock directed the production.

    1932 Student Body Play Cast


    Nellie Wallace                     Edith Snyder                   Lewis Pratt
    Audrey Shipley                    Delphine Hall                  Donald Ream
    Elwood Dunmire                 Bill Anderson                  Anne Schultz
    Everett Gary                        Everett Moore                 Jack Bollinger
    Marvin King                         Ervan Babcock               Harold Gross
    Gordon Swope

    1932 Operetta - "Belle of Bagdad"

    The story tells of a film company in California who has a picture of a girl in Bagdad who wears a beautiful necklace. Two aviators and their boss set out to find the girl. The meet some of their friends from the U.S.A. and with a few complications with the policemen of Bagdad they find "The Belle" and Dick, the boss, falls in love with her.

    1932 Operetta Play