WLHS Sports 1934 

     1934 Boys Basketball
    The Basketball season at West Linn was not as successful as the students had hoped for, but considering the new material coach Brown had to work with, he turned out a very good team. In the Willamette Valley Conference, WLHS managed to finish second while the strong Silverton five was first.
     1934 Boys Basketball team

    To start the season this year WL lost a very close game to Pendleton 24-20.  The next game was with Molalla, and WL emerged victorious 18-16.  Milwaukie eked out a very close victory over the Lions 24-20.  This game was not decided until the closing seconds.  The next week WL journeyed to Silverton and were thoroughly swamped 51-18.  the Silverton team displayed a very strong offense.  The Lions proved to be stronger than the Newberg Tigers and defeated them in a very close game 23-21.  After the next game the Woodburn Bulldogs were sent back home with a 22-21 defeat as a souvenir.  In the contest with Lebanon the WL defense was working to perfection, and held them to 10 points, while the local boys were tickling the hemp for 17.  West Linn was host to Lebanon the next week and the Lions were humbled to the tune of 25-15.  The Woodburn Bulldogs turned the tables on the Lions also and as the final gun sounded the Bulldogs were on the long end of the score 27-10.

    Suffering from the sting of the defeat, the Lions came out of their temporary slump and defeated the Newberg team 22-19.  WL, playing their best game of the year, gave Silverton a very close run.  The final score being 31-27 in Silverton's favor.  The WL team was leading throughout the contest until the final minutes.  In the first traditional battle of the year WL lost the game to their rivals across the river 23-21.  The game was very close, as the score would inidicate, and the fans were on their feet most of the cvontest.

    In the second game with Oregon City on the Pioneers' floor, the WL offense could not start clicking until the second half, and by that time, the Pioneers had piled up too big a lead to overcome.  The score was 19-13.  In the game with Milwaukie, on their own floor, WL was defeated 33-25.  In the last game of the season WL lost a game to the Molalla Indians 31-10.  The game was very ragged and not interesting to watch.

    WL did very good in the Willamette Valley Coinference this year.  They finished second and the strong Silverton five was first.  West Linn only won one game in the county race, and finished up last.

    LLoyd Whitten, although he did not earn a letter, was a very big help to the team.  He played the guard position and did a very good job of it when called upon.  Whittren will be back next year, and should make one of the best guards West Linn has ever had.


    Rae Marsh, Center.  Marsh was the high scorer for the team this year.  He was the third high scorer in the Willamette Valley Conference.  We expect greater things of Rae next year as he is only a Junior.  All State?  Who can tell?

    Bill Tuor, Forward
    Billy, although small was a very good passer and a fairly accurate shot.  West Linn will be lucky in having Tuor back for two more years, and he should develop into a real "Ace".

    Twyman Anderson, Guard
    Anderson was an all around basketball player, good in offense and defense alike.  West Linn will be unfortunate in losing Anderson this year.

    Kenneth Elliott, Forward
    Elliott was undoubtedly the fastest man on the West Linn team.  He did not find his shotting eye until the latter part of the season, but from then on he scored consistently.

    John Mills, Forward
    This year was Mills' first and last on the varsity.  He was a very clever shot and had the highest shooting average of any one on the team.

    Charles Laurs, Guard
    The main cog in the West Linn machine defense was Laurs.  He had the right spirit that it takes to make a real player.  He will graduate this June and West Linn will miss him.

    1934 Boys Baseball Team
    This has been the best year West Linn has had in baseball for many seasons.  It has been a lively, heads-up team and all the boys got into the old West Linn Spirit.  All but two of the first team were juniors and underclassmen.  Considering this fact we should look forward to even a better team next year.  The team's record to date was 500; 4 wins and 4 losses.
    1934 B Baseball team  


    The players of the team were:

    Wenner, Catcher
    Harvey was one of the best catchers West Linn has ever had.  As a batter he was one of the best for the season.  This is Harvey's last year.

    Swope, Pitcher
    Swope was one of the best chuckers this year due to a marked improvement over last year.  As well as being a good pitcher Burton was one of the leading batters.

    Read, First Base
    Carl was noted for his ability to stop any ball coming his way.  He was a great help to the team and was the best batter.  Read was known among the players as the "Home-run King".

    Vinson, Second Base
    Benny was the smallest man on the team but one of the pluckiest.  He held down his position well and was noted for coming through with a hit just when it was needed.

    Anderson, Shortsop
    Andy was the boy who always kept the team spirit up.  He played as only a veteran could play.  This is Andy's last year.

    Meyers, Third Base
    Gus held down the hot corner in fine style.  He had an ability to catch grounders and was a good hitter.  Gus has one more year on the team.

    Ford, Left Field
    "Doc" covered left field like a veteran though this was his first year on the team.  His ability to catch flies gave many a thrill to the fans.

    Campbell, Center Field
    Melvin was the only freshman to make a letter.  His speed and ability to cover a great deal of territory earned him an important place on the team.

    Kanney, Right Field
    Mike was one boy who showed marked improvement over last year.  He could be put in as pitcher or play in the field and do either well.

    Bauer, Pitcher
    When a pitcher was needed, Bauer could be depended upon to do the job in good style.  This is Harold's last year.

    Mills, Pitcher
    Last year Johnny didn't go out for baseball but this year came out and was one of our best pitchers.  He was also a good batter.

    1934 Football Team 
    WLHS had a fairly successful season, winning 3 games, tying 2, and losing 4.  We were handicapped by injuries at the first of the season, which caused a good deal of shifting in the backfield. 

    1934 Football Team  

    The first game was with Woodburn at WLHS.  The Lions managed to hold the Bulldogs until the second half, but finally they broke away and ran up a score of 13 to 0.  Next week we played Milwaukie on our home ground.  The wiry little Maroons proved to be too much for the Lions, and took a victory of 12 to 6.

    West Linn first defeated their opponents at Silverton, when they came home with a vicotry of 6 to 0.  Silverton was able to hold the fighting Lions till the last half when they got going and carried the ball over for 6 points, but were unable to convert.  The next game was not so successful.  The team traveled the 70-odd miles to Lebanon, where for the first half, things looked bright for WLHS, as they had a lead of 12 to 0.  Then Lebanon came back in the second half like a fresh team, and the final score was 14 to 12 in their favor.

    Next week Rainier came to West Linn.  The field was very muddy, and neither team was able to score, although West Linn was in scoring territory several times.  Despite the fact that there was no score, this was one of the best games of the season.  The next game was played with Oregon City at Kelly Field.  West Linn was unable to break up their aerial offense, and the only time when it looked good for West Linn was when Meyers caught the kick-off on the 40-yard line and ran for a touchdown.  It proved futile to try to convert.  The final score was 27 to 6.

    The following week the Newberg team came to West Linn where they were defeated byt he Lions, with a score of 47-0.  The second string played a good deal in this game.  The last game of the schedule was with Molalla.  West Linn won twith a score of 13-0, ending the season with a  victory.

    The Alumni played the West Linn team in a post-season game on Thanksgiving day.  There was no scoring by either team.  Many of West Linn's outstanding football players of former years participated.  After the game, a turkey dinner was served to the boys in the cafeteria. 

    At the annual lettermen's banquet, Raymond Fugate was awarded the Bernie Herrmann Trophy, and Gus Meyers was elected captain of next year's team.


    Adams, Guard
    This was Adams' first year on the Varsity of O. W.L., but he was extremely valuable to the squad.

    Berard, Half-back
    Al was handicapped by his size but was always dependable when called upon

    Blyth, Center
    Bob started at guard, but was shifted to center.  His passing was very consistent and he was outstanding on defense.

    Davis, Tackle
    Don, outstanding on offense, was one of the hardest-working men on the team.

    Fallon, Tackle
    Fallon is considered fast for his size.  He will be a good prospect for next year's backfield.

    Fugate, Back
    Ray was the most aggressive player on the team, and was excellent in both defense and offense.  He was awarded the Bernie Herrmann Trophy.

    Howell, Tackle
    Duck, a four-year letterman, and one of the most experienced men on the team, is known for his fighting spirit.

    Ingalls, Guard
    Scoop was a steady player, and one of the most dependable on the team.  He made many excellent tackles.

    Kahle, Guard
    This was Karl's first year.  He was a valuable man because of his ability to play either guard or tackle.

    Marsh, End
    Rae was good at snagging passes, and played in every quarter of the season.  He will be back next year.

    Meyers, Quarter
    Gus's ability at broken-field running, as well as calling plays, was a great asset to the team, which gave him its vote of confidence by electing him captain for next year.

    Read, End
    Read, although only a sophomore, showed up especially well.  He was very aggressive and was one of the hardest tacklers.

    Ross, Guard
    Ross also is a four-year letterman, showing up well on the defense.  He always got his man.

    Sheron, End
    This was Sheron's first year at football, but he proved to be a valued asset to the team.

    Stricklin, Tackle
    Stricklin was the utility man of the team, playing any line position.  He, too, will be back for another year.

    Taylor, Back
    Red, the captain, was a good man in the backfield, being best on offense and blocking.  He was a four-year letterman.

    Young, Half-back
    Ralph shifted from center to the backfield, and was on the receiving end of many passes.  He showed up well in all games.


     Girls basketball 1934
    ---1934 Girls Basketball Team
    Forwards:  Verle Zimmerman, Emma Matile, and Florence Thomnpson

    Jump Center:  Beryl Turner
    Side Center:  Louise Sievers
    Guard:  Maxine Laub

    The basketball season starts out with class period games and anyone who wishes may play.  Then come the interclass games the teams of which are picked from each of the four classes.

    The first game was between the senior and freshman girls.  When it ended, the freshmen were victorious by a score of 14 to 6.  Both teams played good ball.  The next game was between the juniors and sophomors.  The first quarter ended with the sophomores ahead, but after that the juniors gained the lead and won by a score of 12 to 10.  The third and final game was between the junior and freshman girls.  Although the juniors won by a score of 27 to 14, it was very interesting and held the attention of the spectators throughout the whole game.  This year's juniors were also champions last year.

    An all-star team is chosen by Miss Baker from the girls who played on the interclass team.  There was only one new girl picked this year and that was Maxine Laub.

    Boys Golf  1934
    The Golf Team has had a fairly successful season so far this year, having tied for second place in the District.  It will attend the State High School Golf Tournament at Eugene on May 3, 4, and 5.  Last year the team won second place in the state, and the boys hop to repeat the performance, if not better it this year 
    1934 Golf Team  

    There are only two veteran lettermen on the team; Blyth, who is playing his third year and Smith, his second year.  The boys are ably coached by Mr. J. A. Howard.  Members of the team are:  Bob Blyth, captain;  Clifford Smith; Duane Youngbar; Everett Gary; and Robert Beam, alternate.

     Boys Swimming  1934
    The swimming teram shows great improvement over last year's champs.  However, their first encounter with the veteran YMCA team found them on the short end of the score, due to the efforts of Oliver Doble, a city champion and an ex-high school swimmer.  
    ------1934 swimming  


     The West Linn swimmers placed in the following order:  Ray Fugate second, 40-yard free style; Robert Treiber third, 40-yard free style; Ray Shockley third, 100-yard free style; Everett Gary second, 100-yard back stroke; Mason McLean third, 100-yard breast stroke.  Jack Bellah, Ray Smith, and Marvin Peters made good showings against the more experienced team.  Despite the efforts of these men, the final score was 38 for the Y, and 20 for West Linn.

    The dates for the Salem, Milwaukie, and Canby meets have not yet been determined.  The season is to be climaxed by the State Swimming Meet, to be held at Oswego Lake, May 26, in which the West Linn swimmers will defend their title of State Champions.

    Tennis 1934
    With the prospects for the Tennis Teams most successful season.  Coach Richmond and Allan Marston, manager, have completed a 10-match schedule with such strong teams as Benson, Milwaukie, Salem, and others. 
    1934 Tennis

    The positions have been earned by the following players:  David Schultze, No. 1; Ray Shockley, No. 2; Everett Gary, No. 3; John Mills, No. 4; and Charles Bickner, alternate.  Of these players Schultze, Gary, and Mills are lettermen.

    This year the girls organized a school tennis team under the leadership of Miss Baker.  They held inter-scholastic contests with the following schools:  Milwaukie, Oregon City, Colton, and Estacada.  The team consists of the following girls:  Marian Lick, Lillith Dougan, Ruth Dhooghe, Ruth Friedrich, Margaret Gary, and Maida Perkins.

     Boys Track 1934
    Owing to the good weather early this season, track work progressed very rapidly.  Although there wasn't the material this year that we had last, Mr. Fors, the track coach, was busy at the job of building a track team.  Through his consistent coaching and the training of the fellows, the squad rounded into shape. 
    1934 Track
    West Linn was rather weak in its field events this year.  Losing Charles Sheron, proved a serious loss to the team, as he was among the best shot putters in the state.  Other lettermen gone are:  H. Irish, D. Rawlins, and H. Moore. 

    Mr. Fors, who is a very competent coach, was active in college athletics.  He expects to strengthen the weaker section, and hopes more freshmen and sophomores will turn out next year. 

    There were five scheduled track meets this year, and also other practice meets to keep the team in top shape.  The one great aim of the boys this year has been to beat Oregon City.  They will have this chance May 22nd.

    Girls Volleyball
    This year's inter-class volleyball games were played after school.  From the members of the gym classes Miss Baker selected the four class volleyball teams.  
     1934 Volleyball
    In the fight for the school championship the juniors and freshmen met in the first game and the freshmen were victors.  The game between the seniors and sophomores was won by the sophomores.  In the final game between the freshmen and sophomores the freshmen again won, thereby winning the school championship.

    From these 4 class teams Miss Baker chose an all-star volleyball team, members of which are:  Ruth Dhooghe, Helen Pepoon, Beryl Turner, Emma Matile, Florence Thompson, Eudora Woodworth, Lois Rasmussen, Verle Zimmerman, Veronica Wallace, Marie Niebauer.


    Girls' Baseball
    (no picture)


    The girls baseball season has just opened for this year.  Due to the fact the annual goes to press at once, last year's record and all star team are given here.

    Inclement weather made it necessary for the games to be played indoors.  The freshmen played the sophomores and the latter were victorious.  The juniors and the seniors met in the second game, the juniors won.  The game between the sophomores and juniors was won by the sophomores, thereby winning the school championship.

    From these four teams Miss Baker, coach, chose the following all-star team:  Emma Matile, Beryl Turner, Mildred Yeager, Eudora Woodworth, Florence Thompson, Ruth Dhooghe, Verle Zimmerman, Clara Rauch, Marion Emmot, and Paula Matile.