WLHS Photos - 1933

  • WLHS Photos - 1933

    1933 view of WLHS

    1933 Band

    The band this year was the largest band in the history of the school. It was
    composed of 65 pieces in regular enrollment.

    The band presented several concerts during the year, presenting a series of 
    Sunday concerts presented once a month. The also participated in the annual
    high school music concert. It was the official Junior Gilmore Circus band at the
    Portland Auto show and was the band for the auto show at Corvallis, receiving
    wide acclaim for both performances.

    1933 Band
    Trumpets: Howell, Gary, Dwawes, Miliken, Sanders, Fry, Wright, Wallace, Ray and Gilihan
    Clarinets: Ream, Taylor, Gardner, Miller, Garrison, Weidmann, Anderson, Winkle, Marsh,
         Fleming, Seibert, Fugate, Zimmerman, Ellege, Waite
    Trombones: Franklin, Gubser, Leisman, Shipley, Rauch, Cox
    Baritones: Miller, Woodworth, John
    Flutes: Davis, Bauersfeld, Foster
    Altos: Kerr, Rauch, Larson, Baker, Thorman
    Saxophones: Schamburg, Williamson, Bigley
    Basses: Moehnke, Straight, Oney, Larson, Zivney
    Oboe: Paulson
    Piccolos: Seibert, Tuor

    Bassoon: Lucier
    Drums: Snare: Shirley, Davis, Radtke. Bass: Wilkinson, Shadle, Miller.

    1933 Yell and Song Leaders

    Kenneth Elliot and his assistant, Howard Skinner, did an excellent job of leading
    yells this year. They were Present at all games, and had the student body's support.

    Loise Sievers was again song leader, and also had the support of the students.
    Louise has a fine school spirit.

    1933 Debate

    The innovation in the debate field this year was a tournament sponsored by
    Linfield College. This proved very enjoyable and profitable to the large number
    who attended from the many high schools in the state. In the tournament
    West Linn won five debates and lost five. This tournament proved to be a very
    successful experiment and Linfield has our gratitude for her generosity and hospitality.

    1933 Debate Team
    Gladys Davis, Betty Miller, Everett Gary, and Glena Bauersfield, with Lucile
    Wallace and Esther lang as substitutes.

    1933 Glee Club

    During the past year, under the supervision of Mr. Fred H. Wade, the Glee clubs
    have occupied an enviable place among the school activities.

    Both Glee clubs, either separately or combined, have performed at various times.
    The most aspiring achievement of the year was the presentation by the combined
    glee clubs of the well known light opera, "Pinafore", which was given in the high
    school auditorium.

    1933 Glee Club

    1933 Hi-Y Club

    The Hi-Y club is a sub-division of the Central Y.M.C.A. in Portland, the members
    being entitled to free privileges in any Y.M.C.A. in the United States. The purpose
    of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and communities,
    higher standards of Christian character. The Hi-Y club of West Linn is one of the
    outstanding clubs in the state. To be a member one must have good grades, a good
    school standing, be a good leader, in school activities, and have Christian ideals.

    1933 Hi Y Club
    Members: Vernon Boeckman, Don Davis, Harold Gross, Dick Humphreys,
    Gus Meyers, Don Rawlins, David Schultze, Everett Gary, Henry Irish, Edward
    Quade, Don Ream, Kenneth Anderson, Robert Blyth, Norman Barnes, Virgil Ohling.

    French Club (Cercle Francais)
    Cercle Francais was founded at West Linn on November 2, 1929 and has been active
    each year. It has for its purpose the increase of knowledge of France, its people, and its
    language and the fostering of understanding between American and French students.

    German Club (Elderweiss Deutch Verein)
    Edelweiss is composed of students, who have taken or are taking German, wishing to get
    better acquainted with people and their customs.

    Spanish Club (Los Ecos de Espana)
    Los Ecos de Espana is composed of students who were and are studying Spanish. The object of
    the club is to create a greater interest in the language and customs of Spain. This is brought about
    by learning Spanish songs, poems, and games which are greatly enjoyed by all of the club members.

    1933 Orchestra

    The orchestra has taken a prominent part in the year's activity schedule. The have played
    at all the plays, given several concerts and special programs, and accompanied the choruses
    in the musical event of the year when, "Pinafore" was presented.

    The Orchestra is the largest this year that the school has ever had. The orchestra is one of the
    finest groups in the school for community service and are always ready to lend their assistance
    in giving programs.

    1933 Orchestra

    Violin: Edith Cinder, Margaret Gary, Elizabeth Willson, Dorothy Etchison, Phyllis Endres,
         Eileen Groupe, Evelyn Toman, Robert Hanks, Wayne Thornberry, Robert Tedd.

    Cello: Dorothy Dalrymple
    Flute: Ruth Davis, Mason McLean
    Cornet: Ray Fry, Kenneth Wright
    French Horn: Edward Howell
    Clarinet: Lucille Wallace, Alvin Hulse
    Trombone: Lowell Shipley, Edgar Smith, Cecil Gubser, Weldon Franklin
    Basson: Roberta Shupe
    Bariton: Rufus Schofield
    Contra-Bass: Norma Ivins
    Bass Horn: Howard Moehnke
    E Flat Saxaphone: Eldon Williamson
    Piano: Genevieve Jones

    1933 Boys' & Girls' "U" Club

    The Boys' and Girls' "U" clubs are composed of students who have earned their letter in one
    of the major sports.

    1933 Boys Girls U club

    1933 Boys and Girls League

    1933 Boys and Girls League

    Camera Club

    1933 Camera Club

    1933 Honor Society

    1933 Honor Society