WLHS Drama 1935

  • WLHS Drama - 1935

    1935 Senior Play

    The Senior Class stepped from its dignified part for a moment and presented "Down and Up," a most amusing air-minded farce comedy, with the sole purpose of sending the audience into gales of laughter. After bravely facing the perils of being "down and up," the cast made a happy landing in the High School auditorium on the evening of April 5, 1935.

    1935 senior play cast

    1935 Junior Play

    "The Ghost in the Glass," the junior class play, was a very interesting as well as hair rising production. The success of the play was made by the directors, Miss Edgerton and Miss Lundy, and the business managers, Thana Farmer and Thelma Graham. 

    1935 Junior play cast

    1935 Operetta

    The operetta "Pickles" was presented February 22, by the combined glee clubs under the direction of Mr. F H. Wade. The story deals with a go-getting advertising expert who is out to sell pickles to the whole world. While in Vienna he falls in love with Ilona, a gypsy girl.

    Lady Vivian de Lancy, a wealth widow who comes to Vienna every year in search of her long lost daughter, finds her to be Ilona.

    Captain Kinski, chief of police, and his two sleuths, Bumski and Rumski, added many laughs.

    1935 Operetta Cast