WLHS Photos 1948

  • WLHS Photos - 1948


    1949 WLHS Building


    1948 Aerial View of WLHS  

    1948 Honor Society 

     1948 Honor Society

    First Row:  Delores Moore, Donna Buse, Betty J. Hoffman, Jim Thien, Merle Montgomery, Sue Mote, Anita Hinkle.
    Second Row:  Pat Horning, Eleanor Simpson, Janet Struges, Bev Calder, Geneva Chapman, Colleen McGinnis, Delores Olson.
    Third Row:  Lois Pickle, Dorothy Rothe, Grace Volpp, Lois Corderman, Jean Hartman, Ann Moyes, Jan Whedon.
    Fourth Row:  Ronnie Blodgett, Lois McCart, George McFaul, Arlene Stone, Ray Bernert, David Mabee, Dean Urler, Carl Rennewitz, Chester Stauffer, Joan Renner, Derrell Quint.

    President:  Jim Thien
    Vice-President:  Dean Urler
    Secretary:  Jean Hartman
    Treasurer:  Janet Sturges

     1948 Girls' Chorus

    1948 Girls Chorus

    First Row:  Merriam Jeter, Pat Lance, Delores Moore, Eleanor Simpson,
    Wanda Shockley, Lorraine Surrerus, Jan McCormick.

    Secord Row:  Suzanne Simpson, Marcia Hale, Jean Hartman, Margie Reed,
    Maxine Stoddard, Mildred Ryan, Dorothy Bliss, Joyce Richardson.

    Third Row:  Sela Clark, Leona Van Domelin, Evelyn Hoffman, Ilene Brendle, Miss Brunner.

    1948 Boys' Chorus

    1948 Boys Chorus

    First Row:  Bud Condart, Ed Mead, Aubrey Sharp, Roy Shearer, Virgil Mills, Earl Myhra.
    Second Row:  David Mabee, Ray Chapman, Mac Little, Mr. Mills, Harry Patterson,
    Bob Waln, Ben Fritchie.

    1948 Speech Team

    1948 Speech Team

    The speech classes, coached by Mr. Hays, were outstanding in their record of
    accomplishment.  As part of their class work they conducted weekly story hours
    for children at the public library.  The students above won honors at the district
    speech contest as follows--From left:  Dick Bentz, first place in Oratory;
    Ray Schumacher, first place in Extemporaneous; Mr. Hays; Betty Hoffman,
    second place in Poetry reading; Chuck Beck, first place in Radio Reading.  
    Dick Bentz won additional honors for himself by taking first place in the
    Toastmaster's Club contest.

    Other members took part in various contests throughout the year and participated
    in assembly programs. Since the majority of these students had little or no previous
    training their achievement is even more to their credit.

    1948 Band

    1948 band

    First row, from left--Dorothy Oppenlander, Jack Hanks, Chester Stauffer, Richard Wallman,
    Shirley Lundgren, Stanley Blue, bill Lane, Lester Louden, Albert Hoffman, Pat Blue.
    Second row:  Bill Stoddard, Earl Myhra, Marvin Lundquist, David Mabee, Bob Waln, Don Penney, Russ Arnett, Wayne Fero, Charles Dodge, Irwin Olsen, Buddy Rickard.
    Standing:  Carol Busch, Dale Jones, Paul Casebeer, Pat LaMarr, Mr. Mills.

    President:  Pat Blue
    Vice-Presidnet:  Chester Stauffer
    Secretary:  Jack Hanks
    Manager:  Charles Dodge

     1948 Orchestra

    1948 Orchestra

    Left to right--Miss Brunner, Larry Schwartz, Zola Harper, Joanne Lundy, Gene Stout, Joan
    Plant, Ray Walters, Kenny Moser, Paul Shockley, Dick Schliess, Janet Heisler, Arlene DeUeui,
    Ottie Jean Jaeger.

    1948 Yell Leaders

    1948 Yell Leaders

    Arlene, Doug, Shirley, and Pat combined forces with the Pep Club and and came up
    with an all-time high in school spirit.  They introduced new yells and songs and
    pepped up the old ones.  They back the team, win or lose, and helped to give
    West Linn a reputation for good sportsmanship.  Thanks kids.  You did a 

    Pat Blue, Assistant Yell King: Arlene Stone; Song Queen; Shirley Taylor, Assistant Song
    Queen; Douglas Wellman, Yell King.

    1948 Snapshot Contest

    1948 Snapshot contest

    1948 In and Out of classroom