WLHS Photos - 1935

  • WLHS Photos - 1935

    1935 Band

    The  OWL high school band has continued its monthly concerts as it did in previous
    years and has established a name for itself throughout the state.

    This organization entered the State Music contest at Eugene and received second
    rating in class B under the direction of Fred H. Wade.

    In the solo contests Ed Howell placed first in Senior Division Cornet. Edward Williamson
    second on saxophone, and Robert Dalrymple placed third on the trombone.

    1935 Band

    1935 Boys' "O" Club

    The Boys' "O" Club is composed of boys who have earned a letter in a major sport.
    Members of the club are: Karl Kahle, Bill Stricklin, Lester Fallon, Gus Meyers, Gerald Adams,
    Rae Marsh, Ralph Young, Virgil Ohling, John Stricklin, Bill Tuor, Ben Vinson, Kenneth Elliot,
    Carl Reed, Vernon Kanney, Melvin Campbell, Ed McMillian, and Charles Sheron, President.

    New Members are: Ray Fry, Norman Barnes, Wesley Milliken, Kenneth Peterson,
    Jack Barnett, Emery Aden, Jack Dockstader, Marvin Delker, Lynn Rauch, Lloyd Whitten,
    John Gould, and Harold Winkle.

    1935 Boys O Club

    1935 French Club - Cercle Francais

    Cercle Francais, after having been dropped one year, resumed its activities under the apt
    leadership of the following officers: Emma Matile, President; Glena Bauersfeld, Vice-President;
    Margaret Gary, Secretary-Treasurer.

    The aim of this organization is to increase our knowledge about the French people and
    the French motto is: "Trop bas ils batissent qui batissent au-dessous des etoiles."

    1935 French Club

    1935 Debate Team

    The Debate season began early in the fall with the interclass debates. There
    were about twenty students who took part in these with about ten contests in
    all; all lettermen were excluded. Though all these students took part in
    inter-scholastic debates, they received a great deal of experience. The
    inter-class winner this year was the Sophomore class.

    1935 Debate Team

    1935 Girls' "O" Club

    The Girls' "O" club is an organization made up of girls wearing the "UWL" or "OWL" letter
    either in baseball or basketball. There are thirteen of these girls in this organization:
    Emma Matile Beryl Turner, Maxine Laub, Florence Thompson, Mildred Yeager, Eudora
    Woodworth, Louise Sievers, Dorothy Shechla, Verle Zimmerman, and Veronica Wallace.

    Officers are: Verle Zimmerman, president; Maxine Laub, vice-president; Beryl Turner,

    195 girls O club

    1935 Glee Club

    The Glee club put on the operetta "Pickles" which was acclaimed a "hit" by the
    public and student body. They entered the State Music Meet held at Pacific
    University in Forest Grove, where the girls' Glee club placed second, and the
    mixed chorus, third.

    1935 Glee Club

    1935 Honor Society

    The  Honor Society has increased its membership by thirteen students under the able
    guidance of Miss Haberlach. This organization is the most exclusive in school as a student
    must take part in school activities and have above average grades.

    The officers are: Gus Meyers, President; Eudora Woodworth, Vice-President; Belle Brown,
    Secretary-Treasurer; Eldon Williamson, Sergeant-at-arms; Max Herndon, Reporter.

    1935 Honor Society

    Jokes from 1935!

    Mr. Main: "Toupee or not toupee, that is the question."

    Some parents are rude, but others have learned to keep still when the kids are talking.

    Mr. Shearer: So Evelyn, how did the experiment come out?"

    Evelyn: (holding up test tube) It came out this end."


    G.M.: "When is a man not a man?"

    V.S.: "When a pretty girl passes by and he turns to rubber."



    Where can a man get a cap for his knee?

         Or a key for a lock of his hair?

    Can your eyes be called an academy

         Because there are pupils there?

    In the crown of your hair,

         What jewels are found?

    Who travels the bridge of your nose?

         Could you use in shingling the roof of your mouth

    The nails on the end of your toes?

         Could the crook in your elbow be sent to jail?

    If so, what did he do?

         Could you sit in the shade of the palm of your hand?

    Or beat on the drum of your ear?

         Does the calf on your leg ear the corn on your toe?

    Then why not grow corn on the ear?
    1935 Jokes picture

    1935 Orchestra

    The Oswego-West Linn high school orchestra has always been found ready
    and willing to render service in school and community fairs under the
    direction of Fred H. Wade. The orchestra participated in many school
    activities, giving several concerts and special programs, and also furnishing
    music at the plays. When the music department presented the operetta
    "Pickles" the orchestra played the accompaniment. They also greatly
    enjoyed playing for a radio broadcast.

    1935 Orchestra

    1935 Senior Class Officers

    Gus Meyers: President

    Ben Vinson: Vice-President

    Eudora Woodworth: Secretary

    Albertha Swauger: Treasurer

    Miss Moffatt and Mr. Main: Advisors
    1935 Student body officers

    1935 Amplifier

    The Amplifier paper published by the students of Oswego-West Linn high school is
    printed twice a month and a copy is given to each student body member. Its purpose
    it to relate in a clear and interesting manner all the events of interest around the school.
    It also creates interest in school activities and announces coming events.

    It is custom for the Amplifier and Annual staffs to take a trip each year. This year they
    went to Ocean Lake.

    1935 Amplifier Staff


    1935 Faculty    1935 Faculty 2B

    Howard, James A. - History - Graduate of Linfield College
    Lundy, Audrey - Freshman English - Graduate of University of Oregon
    Main, Charles O. - Mathematics, Assistant Principal - Masters Degree from Columbia University
    Moffatt, Jean - French & Sophomore English - Graduate of University of Oregon
    Openlander, Herman - Manual Arts, Dean of Boys - Graduate of University of Oregon
    Pearson, Lucille - English - Graduate of University of Oregon
    Richmond, Eugene F. - Boys' Physical Education- Masters Degree from Columbia University
    Shearer, Gilbert - Sciences - Graduate of Albany College
    Wade, Fred H. - Music - Graduate of William Jewell College, Kansas City Conservatory of Music

     1935 Girs & Boys Club

    1935 Girls and Boys Club

    1935 Green and Gold

    1935 Green and Gold