WLHS Photos - 1941

  • WLHS Photos - 1941

    1941 Amplifier Staff

    The Amplifier, a semi-monthly publication published by the journalism class, has
    enjoyed a very successful year. Editor Doris Zimmerman and Manager Marjorie
    Hurias have performed their duties very efficiently.

    1941 Amplifier

    Front Row: Kenneth Lingenfelder, Bob Baker, Gerald Phillips, Jerry Larue,
    Lois Butler, Doris Zimmerman, Glenn Campbell.

    Second Row: Earl Merkle, Mary Rudy, Virginia Anderson, Hank Quade,
    Barbara Finch, Chick Elliott, Mr. Howard.

    1941 Band

    The West Linn High School music department has again proved itself an outstanding
    organization. At the District Contest in Newburg, the Band was given a superior rating,
    also at the Regional Contest held in Tacoma. Brass Choirs and Reed Choirs have been
    organized from the Band and are very popular.

    1941 Band
    Front Row: Darrel Thompson, Bernard Marx, Robert Smith, Shirley Crosby,
    Kenneth Oldenstat, Clayton Baker, Jane Aden, Margaret MacLean, Bill Bolz, Harold Myhra.

    Second Row: Janet Wievisiek, Charles Marx, Morton Park, John Beutler,
    Robert Bradley, Bernice Weber, Vivian Clifford, Rose Ann Thornton, Jim Jennings.

    Third Row: Arthur Huebner, Curt Wilkinson, Marjory Larson, Tom Thomason,
    Bob Thornton, Harvey Myhra, Jim Park.

    Fourth Row: Frances Bernert, Mr. Wade, Richard McMullen, Clarence Uelland, Joe Marcroft.

    1941 Boys' Chorus

    Under the tutelage of Mr. Wade, this group of singers has performed at various entertainments. The group competed in the music contest at Newburg and obtained a relatively high rating. Mr. Wade has high hopes for the boys' chorus next year.

    1941 Boys Chorus  
    Back Row: Kenneth Lingenfelder, Randal McLaughlin, Harley Thompson, Laverne Jennings.

    Fourth Row: Curtis Wilkinson, Don Holden, Arthur Huebner, Andrew Swan, Jack Heft,
    Bill Rakel, Mr. Wade.

    Third Row: Harold Ness, Jim Hatfield, Glen Schubert, Clifton Baker, Marshall Webster,
    Reed Ingles, Pat Day (pianist).

    Second Row: Junior Puderbaugh, Don Wohl, Walter Logsdon, Junior Reed,
    Clarence Uelland, Charles Marx, Bob McAnaulty, Reuben Baisch.

    Front Row: Bill Daniels, Ernest Jacobsen, Maurice Warner, Hank Quade, Bud Larson,
    Byron Gadeholt, Jim Jennings, Dennis McLean, Bill Etchison.

    1941 F.F.A.

    Any Boy who takes an agricultural course is eligible for F.F.A. Among the things
    undertaken by the local club were the participation in contests and the organization of
    athletic teams which compete with those of other clubs. President Delbert Langeliers
    led the club through a successful year with the help of Ernest Kahle, secretary; and
    Bob Donovan, treasurer. Mr. Dietrick was the advisor. 

    1941 FFA

    Front Row: \lowell Baker, Mr. Dietrick, Delbert Langliers, Ernest Kahle, Bob Donovan,
    Wilbur Bruck, George Vlahos.

    Second Row: John Garcia, Lowell Bruck, Paul Miken, Raymond Schecla, Frank Gracelin,
    Arnold Nodurft, Jack Breitbarth, Harley Thompson.

    Third Row: Don Stockton, Ralph Elligson, Ralph Long, Robert Balue, Floyd Benings,
    John Stone, Richard Gould, Floyd Nodurft, Roger Phillips, Fred Landis.

    1941 Girls' League

    This organization consists of all the girls in the school. The League presented a
    Junior-Senior girls' picnic this year as well as undertaking the production of a style
    show and presenting several other entertainments. Miss Moe proved to be very
    helpful as the League's advisor.

    1941 Girls league
    Seated: Betty Helsby, Shirley Langeliers, Dolores Wilkin, Dorothea Irion.

    Standing: Pat Silver, Miss Moe, Catherine Peterson

    1941 Orchestra

    This year's Orchestra, although small, was enjoyed at all the plays and at
    the commencement exercises.

    1941 Orchestra

    Left to Right: Charles Marshall, Bill Beutler, Ernest Butts, Bernard Marx,
    Frances Bernert, Bob Gillette, Bill Bolz, John Beutler, Bill Moyes,
    Raymond Schecla, Evelyn Woodworth, Darrel Thompson, Jim Park, Charles Marx.

    1941 Reed Orchestra

    The Reed Choir is a newly formed organization. It has good prospects and will
    be a rival of the Brass Choir next year.

    1941 reed orchestra
    Left to right: Bill Bolz, Harold Myhra, Robert Smith, Margaret MacLean,
    Robert Bradley, Darrell Thompson, Bernard Marx.

    Standing: Harvey Myhra, Jim Park.

     1941 Yell and Song

    1941 Yell and Song

    1941 Club

    1941 Club

    1941 Club

    1941 Club Girls

    1941 Club

    1941 Club Boys