WLHS Photos - 1954

  • WLHS Photos - 1954

    1954 Student Council

    1954 student council

     1954 Amplifier

    1954 amplifier

    1954 amplifier students

     1954 Band

    1954 Band

     1954 Boys Club Officers

    1954 Boys Club Officers

    1954 Girls League Executive Council

    1954 Girls league council  

    1954 Green & Gold

    1954 greengoldstaff

    1954 Green gold staff working

    1954 Library

    The Library Club is very helpful in locating books and other necessary information in the library.  

    1954 library group

    Library Club:  Row 1:  Miss Triol, Maureen Mills, Margie Hayes, Dorothy Hamnes,
    Betty Moser, Beverley Eckert.

    Row 2:  Carma Wetzel, Annalee Kunzman, Don Clark, Frances Moser,
    Donna Oldenstadt, Shirley Sarc.


    1954 Orchestra

    1954 Orchestra

    1954 Shorthand

    1954 shorthand

    1954 Ensemble

    1954 ensemble

    1954 ensemble group

     1954 Camera Crew

    Classrooms and school-wide movies were shown with great efficiency by the Camera Crew.

    1954 camera crew

    Row 1:  Mr. Tilton, Jim Blanchette, Keith Blue, Jerry Christensen.
    Row 2.  Herman McIntosh, Ross Barber, Weslyn Moehnke, EeVern Schnelle, George Beresford.
    Row 3:  Bob Tapfer, Keith Renner, Don Pendergraft, Ed Holland, Pat Gordon.


    1954 Camera Club

    West Linn High School shutter-bugs found their interests emphasized in the Camera Club.  
    Biggest project of the year for the photographers was the making of a movie on school life.

    1954 camera club

    Row 1:  Orman Woodward, Mary Ann Bernert, EeVerne Schnelle.
    Row 2:  George Beresford, Ed Holland, Bruce Bliese.
    Row 3:  Phillip Jones, Mr. Gilbert Shearer.