• WLHS Sports 1922 

    1922 - Baseball Team
    1922 Baseball Team
    Jack Dorer - Coach
    Egbert "Ed" Donnelly - Captain
    Lawrence Doty - "Doty"
    Leonard Green - "Greenie"
    Gordon Hammerle - "Ham"
    George Pepoon - "Pep"
    Elmer Simpson - "Simp"
    Marvin Hickman - "Hicky"
    Sidney Brown - "Sid"
    Walter Brady - "Walt"
    Arleigh Read - "Fuzzy"
    John Moffat - "Chunky"
     Boys' Basketball Team
    1922 - Boys Basketball Team
    Wins - 1, Losses - 9

    The final game on the indoor court was in the Union High School gym with our bitter rival, Oregon City High School. After an interesting and exciting game we were returned the losers. After an interesting and exciting game we were returned the losers. Score 21-19. The largest crowd of the hoop season witnessed this contest and over $60.00 taken in at the door.
    1922 boys basketball team
    W. W. Davis - Coach
    Sidney Brown - Manager
    Arleigh Read - Captain - "Fuzzy"
    George Pepoon - "Pep"
    Gurnie Cranor
    Raymond Montgomery - "Monty"
    Elmer Simpson - "Simp"
    Elwood Thompson - "Fat"
    Gordon Hammerle - "Ham"

    1922 Boys' Football Team
    Union High, in her first attempt at inter-scholastic football, hung up quite a wonderful record. In a season of eight games she was undefeated, winning seven games and tying one.

    A number of fellows turned out at the first call for candidates but very few of this number had ever had any practice in the manly game of football. Coach Larius took this bunch of green prospects, taught them the rudiments of the game and welded them into the machine which scored such a notable success. It was his teaching, his training, his fighting spirit, and his unconquerable will which kept the team going throughout the season. 
    1922 boys football team  
    Ernest "Lonestar" Larius - Coach
    Arleigh Read - Captain - "Fuzzy"
    George Pepoon - "Pep"
    Fred Hegdale - "Fritz"
    William Mootry - "Bill"
    Egbert Donnelly - Captain Elect - "Ed"
    Dennis Wallace - "Toby"
    John Hogan - "Johnny"
    John Michels - "Johnny"
    Gordon Hammerle - "Ham"
    Gerbert Backus - "Hub"
    Elwood Thompson - "Fat"
    Sidney Brown - "Sid"
    Leonard Green - "Greenie"
    Jack Graw
    Walter Bingham - "Walt"
    Girls' Basketball Team
    This was the first time in the history of the school that the girls' basketball team of Union High was permitted to play interscholastic games. This was limited to the two Games played against Oregon City. Unfortunately, Union High lost both games. 
    1922 girls' basketball team  
    Miss Helen Leathers - Coach
    Margaret Pepoon - Center
    Marie Bittner - Side Center
    Amber Ford - Forward
    Blanche Junken - Forward
    Flora Kanak - Forward
    Mary Zaniker - Guard
    Genevieve Fromong - Guard
    Dorris Ellis - Guard